June 5-11th questions

Vaccine Reaction

Min Pin coughing

Norwegian Elkhound with skin rash

Chocolate lab with broken tail

19 year old cat behavior problem

Question from:Joe

Anderson, IN

Miniature Dachshund perfectly fine was administered DHLPP/Corona booster Trac II/Bordatella/Dog Rabies Canine 1 year booster. Now very ill and has spinal disk problem. Feel vet error please give advice.

Answer: It seems to me like two things happened. First your dog has a vaccine reaction, which although rare, does happen. Also Dachshunds are notorious for having disc problems. They have long backs which places a lot of stress on their discs. I think both of these things coincidentally occurred together. I think the only way the Vet could have erred is if the dog had previous reactions to a vaccine and still proceeded to give one. Dr. Chris

Question from:Trudy

Grosse Tete, LA

3yr Min Pin has been coughing for a few days. No Fever or discharge.

Answer: A cough in a dog that has no fever or discharge make me think of Kennel cough. If your dog has been around other sick dogs lately or has been boarded, it is possible it may have picked this up. Kennel cough is self limiting so usually no treatment is needed. But many Vets still may feel the need to give antibiotics and cough suppressants. Dr. Chris

Question from:Suzanne

Seminole, Florida

My 11 year old Norwegian Elkhound has recently developed a number of bumps on his skin surface. They are scattered over his body from his paws to his legs, sides and neck. He is developing new spots on a daily basis and is scratching and biting the ones he can get to. What could this be?

Answer: It sounds like your pet is developing a dog allergy. Sometimes these reactions can be seen in relation to bee stings, or injections. Normally a shot of cortisone from your Vet should take care of the swelling and itching.

Question from:Debbie

Springfield IL

Our male chocolate lab has broken open the middle of his tail from hitting it (as he wags)on door frames, walls etc. Any creative ideas on how to cushion that area until it can heal. We have tried a bendable hose type sleeve and duct tape wrap but he pulls and wags that off. I was hoping maybe some one has had the same problem.

Answer: You could try an e-collar and see if this stops your dog from getting to the tail to pull off the protective wrap. I know most dogs don’t like e-collars but it is worth a try. Dr. Chris

Question from:William

Baldwin, New York

My 19 year old cat has suddenly become scared of me. Its like sometimes he doesn't recognize me or know where he is. This happens in the morning and he will hide all day. At night he seems to be more normal and will sleep on the bed with us like he always did, till the morning when he acts scared and confused again. Is it just old age or something else?

Answer: Cognitive disorders are common in aging pets. But it is always good to start off by eliminating the possibility of hyperthyroidism or kidney disease. I would see your Vet for a physical exam and blood work. Sometimes older cats can benefit from choline supplementation for cognitive disorders. Dr. Chris

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