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they are the cutest because whenever i see him i get happy and he is one of the best things that ver happened to me :).....Cora --12 years old :)

Chauncey is adorable, but he also is a fabulous companion. He enjoys being petted and playing fetch. (Yes, he actually returns a plastic toy when you throw …

Missy was living with a bunch of barn cats when she found her way to my friends porch. It was December and cold, and she slept there every night. My friend …

Rosie Marie Yohr  Not rated yet
She is one of a kind, so very special to our family. She is a daughter of our older cat and we are so proud of her. She was the last born and had troubles …

Brody Lab Not rated yet
JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

Mochi - Shih Tzu Not rated yet
MOchi is so sweet and where ever you will go, he will follow. He makes my stress away. He love to sit in front his mini fan.

Peanut: Chihuahua/Jack Russel We rescued each other. Not rated yet
Peanut is so special and I was meant to have found him. Two days after one of my cats passed away and I was so depressed. I found him in traffic. He was …

Tilly, Beagle Not rated yet
He loves to play and never seems to gets tired! He is always up for a walk and is friendly to everyone he meets.

nina/rocky Not rated yet
They are the cutest cause they are the typical mother daughter they loove each other and want to be as far away as possible they are also little show offs …

Roma, American Staffordshire Terrier Not rated yet
She is such an awesome puppy. I have her for about 4 months now and she cracks me up all the time. I actually searched for her for years, I had in …

Jacob - Irish Sports Horse Not rated yet
He just has the sweetest face.

Mamalaide - cat Not rated yet
Loves a diet coke

mille Staffy X and Marmalaid the cat moggy Not rated yet
I think she is cute and I love her so much and Marms is wonderful.

yasha-5 mos. old spitz Not rated yet
yasha is sweet and very playful pup,she also intellectual by nature.

Paige the Pappilon Not rated yet
Because shes spoiled rotten and is a great member of my family who is loved by everyone that meets her. Big shout out to Paige my darling girl.

Lucky, Lhasa Apso Mix Not rated yet
Lucky is the cutest dog, because she is so adorable, loving and affectionate. She loves to cuddles up next to me in my bed and on the sofa. She is also …

Trixie Not rated yet
Trixie is such an adorable dog and a great companion,though she can be very naughty but loyal. She loves to show off when attention to is being given to …

Trixie Not rated yet
Trixie is such an adorable dog and a great companion. she can be very naughty but loyal. She loves to show off when attention to is being given to her. …

Belle Not rated yet
This is my good friends son telling my American Bulldog Belle who the PACK LEADER is. This has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

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