Low Protein Dog Food

If you are reading this article about low protein dog food, your dog likely has kidney problems. While this may seem sad, the fact is a large number of dogs go through renal problems and require low protein food, so don’t feel alone.

Your veterinarian recommended low protein dog food, because your dog’s kidneys cannot handle the normal amount of protein that is contained in normal dog food.

Is Low Protein Dog Food Expensive?

While custom made low protein dog food you get from your veterinarian is expensive, it is the best way to go. There are alternatives though. You can make low protein dog food yourself, using beef, rice, bread, egg, and calcium carbonate.

While making this diet at home yourself may seem like a good cost cutting measure, it takes time to cook this recipe (which can be found online). Also, you have to remake this a couple of times a week, and you have to worry about raw eggs and raw meet contamination.

Why do I have to feed this to my dog?

It is the breakdown products of protein that are the dangerous part, not necessarily the protein itself. Protein becomes urea, which is not a toxin in small amounts, but because dog’s with renal problems, cannot excrete this as efficiently, this level builds up into dangerous levels. One of the first signs of this is that your dog will feel nauseous.

Also, low protein dog foods contain low phosphorus as well, helping to prevent metabolic bone disease, which, while not common, can be seen with dogs with renal problems on diets with normal protein levels. Also low phosphorus levels have been shown to slow the progress of renal disease.

It is recommended that you use the brand of low protein dog food your veterinarian recommends, but if you cannot afford this there are many low protein dog food recipes on the internet that you can use, or ask your vet for one. Maintain a close relationship with your vet at this time, so they can answer any questions you may have as you go through this with your dog.

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