Best Ways to Save on Pet Related Expenses

Readers told us their best way to save on pet related expenses.

It could be related to the vet clinic, food, training, medication, whatever you can think of to save money on pet expenses.

What Is Your Tip To Reduce Pet Expenses?

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Home Grooming 
Buy a set of "Human" hair clippers and attachments, as opposed to ones specified for dogs - they're the same thing, only alot cheaper! And, most importantly …

Dog Shampoo 
Instead of buying expensive shampoo for your dog, high grade shampoo for people may be more convenient and cheaper. It's also perfectly safe, and hey, …

Dogs, cats, and ferrets are carnivores by nature - they are meant to eat raw, whole, fresh prey. You can emulate their natural diet by feeding raw, whole …

Proactive Health Care Not rated yet
Take your pet to the vet anually or more frequently, if necessary. Invest in keeping your pet healthy. Spend a little now in order to save larger bills …

Biting after bathing Not rated yet
My dog, a chihuahua bites at me when I dry him after bathing...to prevent this, I dry him off while he is still in the tub and it works perfectly!!

Biting after bathing Not rated yet
My dog, a chihuahua bites at me when I dry him after bathing...to prevent this, I dry him off while he is still in the tub and it works perfectly!!

Pill Popper Not rated yet
I slip medication in pill form into a mini marshmallow and my dog will swallow it right down. No fuss!

home remedys Not rated yet
use home remedys to doctor your pet when you can, instead of expensive vet bills.

Best Price for Dog Food Not rated yet
I called every store within my area to see who had the best prices on the dog food (on all three sizes it comes in) that I buy. It has saved me time and …

use coupons Not rated yet
Use coupons to get savings.

Time to brush the dog Not rated yet
Time to start brushing your dog as spring is coming and the dogs are shedding.

Ending The Gravel Pit Not rated yet
Having cats as well as birds I've learned long ago to make use of the newspaper that I get. I don't buy litter or cage gravel, I shred up newspaper and …

Cat Can Food Treat Not rated yet
Can food seems more expensive, but I like to make sure they will eat dry and wet in case they ever get sick in the future and they will have a choice. …

grocery bags as cat litter box pan linings Not rated yet
I re-use those pesky plastic shopping bags as cat litter box lining- they work and are free and usually very durable. Thanks!

baby formula Not rated yet
I give my small baby formula every other day to increase their vitemins.

Supplement your dogs food Not rated yet
Our dogs love throw-away butcher bones. They keep out dogs occupied for a long time!

Vet Care Not rated yet
With four dogs we've found pet insurance to really help as our dogs age. While it seems expensive we would hate to not be able to afford something our …

Behavior Not rated yet
If you never give your pet table scraps, they'll not be a nuisance to you or yourself when you're dining.

coupons Not rated yet
I clip all the coupons for the kitty cat. She has gotten used to trying all sorts of brands.

MEDS Not rated yet
Many medicines prescribed for pets are exactly the same as their humane equivilant-which in many cases cost less.

Buy better food - save money. Not rated yet
Feeding your dog or cat quality food (high in protein, meat or meal listed as the first few ingredients, natural ingredients, ect) will cost you less in …

buy treats online Not rated yet
I buy dried liver treats that my cat loves from an online vet service. A small container of treats is $5 at local stores. For $20 I get 10 times as much …

really save money Not rated yet
no pets

group discounts Not rated yet
I have 4 dogs and have asked my vet for group discounts if I bring them all in on the same day for their yearly shots and checkups

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Check the Close-Out Outlets Not rated yet
I found a place that had received a giant box of rawhide bones (name brand ones) which they were selling for $1!!! These same bones were selling for $5-$8 …

Sharing Not rated yet
I have a cat and dog they share their toys

Healthy pets Not rated yet
Make sure to monitor your pets for any unusual behavior and check with your vet if anything out of the ordinary shows up. You will save in the long run. …

brush your dog Not rated yet
To save electricity and the expense of buying vacuum bags weekly, I have been brushing my golden retriever almost every day. He loves to be brushed and …

Cat Toys Bag Tunnel Not rated yet
Cut the bottom out of paper bags and tape together. Cats love to zoomuthrough them

Coupons & Stock Up Not rated yet
I comb the internet for coupons and when I find one that fits, I stock up big time. Also am on newsletters for sales.

pet hair Not rated yet
wear a rubber glove and wipe up pet hair easily

Coupons Not rated yet
I always look for online coupons. I also make sure to sign up with each website's newsletter. Many times they'll email about a sale or coupon

poop picker-upper Not rated yet
I save my grocery bags to pick up after my dog, rather than buying the expensive plastic bags that attach to the leash.

My Dog's Diet Not rated yet
I only feed my dog the dog food my veterinarian recommends - never table scraps! And I am just as conscious of his weight as I am conscious of mine. …

poo pickup Not rated yet
When you take your dog for a walk in the park, be prepared. Before you start your walk grab one of the complimentary poo bags that a lot of parks offer …

food Not rated yet
one half can of wet food -4oz 1/2 cup of dry food 1 cup warm water Mix all ingredients. You can also mix in any meds that need to be given! Your …

save money Not rated yet
always use coupons.

Daily Treats Not rated yet
Your pet will appreciate treats at the same time each day - he will have something to look forward to...

always buy in bulk,  Not rated yet
i always buy in bulk especially when food, treats, and toys r on sale And I go to the websites for her favorites for coupons, and use those coupons when …

Feed your dog nutritious food. Not rated yet
Cheap food for dogs never pays off. BEtter to pay a little more for good quality pet food and avoid major vet bills!

Feed your dog as Healthy as possible Not rated yet
Feed your dog as healthy as possible to avoid unwanted vet bills. Vet bills can be very expensive expecially if you have to go on emergency. If you read …

Make your cat a garden helper!! Not rated yet
Train your cat to use your garden as a litter box

Preventive Not rated yet
Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep the cost of your pet down. For instance, keep heartworm protection at all times. If you do not, you will …

Getting rid of ticks and fleas Not rated yet
Dust pets in 5% seven dust.

Store Discount Cards/Coupons/Sweepstakes/Sales Not rated yet
These four things really help cut costs. Besides these things I also utilize Rabies clinics and use over the counter meds for my dogs when feasible. Purchasing …

Cat Scratch Fever? Not rated yet
If you're cat seems to be scratching an area over and over (and your vet has diagnosed a skin condition) and even if you tell it to stop and it doesn't …

Dogs Diet Not rated yet
Feeding your dog a raw food diet (beef, chicken, turkey)keeps them healthier and less costly to maintain

Keep up Not rated yet
We keep all of our pets' shots and medications (such as heart worm) up to date. This helps prevent big bills from unnecessary conditions and diseases. …

GROOMING Not rated yet
i groom my dog every other month and take him to the groomers the other month. this saves me big time

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TEETH Not rated yet
Brush your dogs teeth every night.

PET FUR/HAIR Not rated yet

Pet Meds Not rated yet
If your pet becomes ill or needs preventative or maintenace medication, ask your vet to write out a prescription.Having the Rx in hand,you can compare …

dog food Not rated yet
I feed my dog a good quality dog food. I also make my own dog treats. I feel nutrition plays a big part in the health of my pet. I'm willing to pay more …

discount card Not rated yet
Use a store discount/perks card

Pet safety Not rated yet
Always keep your cat on a harness outside. You never know when they will get excited and take off.

GROOMING SAVER Not rated yet

Feed healthy Not rated yet
I always mix rice with my dog's food. It helps them go to the bathroom regularly and they don't get constipated.

Do it yourself. Not rated yet
Instead of spending tons of money taking your pet to the groomers, do it yourself. I use baby shampoo instead of expensive dog shampoo. Just make sure …

Treat your pet like you would your child. Not rated yet
May sure your dog get enough exercise, feed him good quality foo and make sure to pet your animal often to see if they have any bumps or changes in the …

dog paws and cream Not rated yet
Rather than buy the more expensive brand of cream for your dog's paws from a vet or a health store, by the udder cream from a place like Walmart; it is …

Stuffed Animals For Dogs Not rated yet
Rather than buy expensive stuffed animals for my German Shepherd - Husky mix Birdie (who, like all other dogs, loves to tear them apart and take out their …

Diarrhea Not rated yet
I got this tip from an acquaintance who is a vet--any time my dogs (or cats) have diarrhea, I give them yogurt (plain or vanilla if you can't find plain) …

I water down my pouches! Not rated yet
I add a little water to my kitties pouches and make them last several days that way. I spoon a little out and put the rest in the fridge. Then I use …

Diggin' Dog Not rated yet
When your dog is digging up the backyard, put white vinegar in the holes. Do this every few days, she will get the hint. It may stink for a few days but …

Combine coupons with Pet Perks Not rated yet
The best way to save tons of money is to use the Sunday coupons with the Pet Perks rewards to save the most money and still get what you want for your …

Love Not rated yet
I do not save any money on my cat. Charley is too lovable for me to be concerned about how much I spend on him.

flea/tick/heart worm control Not rated yet
With 4 rescue pooches, I buy flea/tick and heart worm products online, at a substantial price reduction compared to the local vet. It saves over 300$ per …

coupons Not rated yet
buy with coupons at Petsmart

Self Grooming Not rated yet
We decided to do as much of the grooming for our pet, at home, rather than taking him to a groomer. The bathing is easy... the nail a little more challenging. …

Cat Cleaning Not rated yet
Instead of buying expensive cat shampoos, sprinkle your feline friend with cornstarch. It's safe to ingest and when your cat licks herself, she'll be licking …

Pet Food Savings Not rated yet
Sign up for all store cards and emails then follow the sales sharonaquilino (at) hotmail (dot) com

toys from "trash" Not rated yet
We save all of our boxes and plastic bottles and use them as doggie toys.

Sweepstakes Not rated yet
I save by finding sweepstakes like these and also by clipping online coupons and savings on dog food, toys, and treats.

Discount shopping Not rated yet
Try shopping at Big Lots for lower prices on pet items.

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Coupons for dog food Not rated yet
I try to cut coupons and trade coupons online for the brand of dog food that we use. I hardly ever have to pay full price!

Feed your ferret (or any type of pet) a species-appropriate diet... Not rated yet
....and you will reap the benefits of a happier and healthier pet - that lives longer (disease-free), too! Feeding your pet a species-appropriate diet …

Cat food caper Not rated yet
I have 2 cats and a dog. Unfortunately the dog used to always eat the cat food when I wasn't looking. So, my tip is a simple one: Put the cat food somewhere …

Species Specific feeding! Not rated yet
All of my pets (dogs and ferrets at the moment), eat a species specific diet - and I'm not talking about kibble! Either prepared raw or prey model diets …

Part of the Family Not rated yet
Prepare home cooked food like we make for ourselves for example chicken and rice or an egg.

Grooming Not rated yet
Before grooming your long haired dog try spraying him/her with show sheen. It is a horse product. It takes the tangles right out, makes their coats glossy …

Save on vet costs Not rated yet
Feed your pet good food even if it costs more. It will save vet visits and a LOT of money there.

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask Not rated yet
I always bring the competitors coupons along and ask if they will honor them. You will be suprised they usually do.Those coupons for $ 5.00 off can really …

COUPONS! Not rated yet
Today I purchased a bag of Iams Kitty at Walmart. It was $7.98 but I had a $5.00 coupon! See which Sunday papers carry coupons in your area!

A Wealth Of Knowledge, Free Of Charge Not rated yet
For all of the dog training advice you need, go to your local public library. There, you'll find books and videos on specific breeds, training, pet health …

good food, less expense Not rated yet
Evan though it may seem very expensive to feed a high quality food, it is cheaper in the long run. The animal is healthier, has less waste output, and …

Easy Saving Not rated yet
Make sure to enroll in your savings club at your favorite pet store. A small discount mounts up over a year with substancial savings.

SHOP AT PET SMART Not rated yet

petfood Not rated yet
I mix up high quality dog food with lower quality dog food. I have 3 dogs, I have to stretch the dollars!

potty training Not rated yet
Best way to house train a dog is take 'em out before and after a meal and several times a day. I found that a reg routine helps. Been known to even set …

Flea Away with ACV Not rated yet
Rub a couple drops of Apple Cider Vinegar on the scruff of your pets neck (dog or cat) to keep fleas off. Also drop a couple drops in their water to help …

Have Dog will Travel Not rated yet
A doggie nap sack filled with toys before we leave home to stop and play at the roadside parks as we travel by car. This saves rather than having to …

work for it Not rated yet
I went to work with my vet - a win/win situation. I'm learning physical therapy for dogs (and LOVING it), get to spend time with a wonderful assortment …

Home Grooming Not rated yet
I have been giving my cats a bath since they were kittens. By doing the grooming myself I save a bundle. I also clip their claws, which saves my furniture. …

Buying and Sewing for your pet Not rated yet
Make homemade dog and cat food for your pet as much as you can but when you can't buy in bulk. This will save a lot of money. Buy Pet Insurance and …

Buy larger quanities Not rated yet
Instead a 10 lb bag get a 25 lb bag

Dog toys..... Not rated yet
Create,create......use your talents. Old socks: stuff one old sock with 2 others (knee length is the best) tie it at the top. Your dog will love it, …

Home Made Toys Not rated yet
My furballs (3 cats) are maniacs for "natural toys". They love balls made from foil. These balls are shiny, have texture, fly well when I throw them, …

Trimming cat's nails Not rated yet
Swaddle your cat in a large towel. Somehow this seems to calm them. Fish out a paw from underneath the towel and clip the nails. Large toenail clippers …

Shop Online Not rated yet
For anything pet related..before I go to the "pet stores" I always shop online...Especially for medicine and supplies like collars, bowls..These I can …

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saftey Not rated yet
Keep pet in a fenced yard for saftey.

TAKE YOUR PET Not rated yet

ALL AT ONCE Not rated yet
We get a discount if we take our three dogs at the same time to the vet's.

Bathe your dog at home Not rated yet
Get a large plastic tub big enough to accommodate about 10 buckets of water (for a large dog). Place the tub outside, within leash length of a tree. …

food Not rated yet
if your dog is a canned food lover, mix can and dry (which is cheaper) to make the canned go further.

Manage the herd Not rated yet
Don't assume responsibility for more pets than you can easily afford to support

RON BARON Not rated yet

circular shopping Not rated yet
Buy what's on sale in the Petsmart circulars in the Sunday newspapers!

start pup on table scraps Not rated yet
buy no pet food

multi pet discount Not rated yet
I take all of my cats at one time for their checkups and my vet gives me a multi pet discount, as well as a senior citizen 10% discount. That saves me …

Cutting down on treats Not rated yet
Dogs only care that they are getting treats, not how big. Depending on the size of the treat, I will break them in half or quarters. Not only does this …

Doggie treats Not rated yet
I bake my own dog biscuits

Grooming tip Not rated yet
Rather than having my dog's coats trimmed into a particular "breed specific" trim, I just get them both puppy cuts. Not only are these short cuts easier …

Homemade meals Not rated yet
I cook meals for my animals that are healthy and much cheaper than commercial petfood.

coupons Not rated yet
use coupons wisely

Food Not rated yet
Feed the highest quality food you can. It reduces vet bills

Exercise Not rated yet
A great way to keep your pet healthy is make sure they get plenty of exercise

Get your pets shot at the shelter Not rated yet
I have 4 dogs and taking then to the Vet and paying for a visit and the shots gets expensive so when my dogs need their yearly shots I take them to our …

Sweet Smelling Not rated yet
We have decided to bathe our dog at home instead of spending the money at the groomers. So far I think she is more relaxed about the situation. It has …

mixed feedings Not rated yet
ive found that with multiple pets it extremly difficult to please them all, all the time. to make feeding time a fair event to my pets i mix up what i …

Lost socks find a home Not rated yet
Old (but cleaned) socks that have no match knotted up make great dog toys. (MISSESPRINCE69 at HOTMAIL dot COM)

Pass It On! Not rated yet
We don't have a way to save money on our Basenji Zoe's expenses, but we do recycle. Everything that she's outgrown, clothes, halters, collars, coats, puppy …

Coupons Not rated yet
Save your coupons for times when you can stock up on stuff on sale.

Cedar Chips in the doghouse Not rated yet
Keeping cedar chips in the dog house reduces the chances of fleas, plus keeps your pet smelling good.

kennel cough Not rated yet
By using Benadryl DM only Helps relieve the dog from this nasty cough.

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exercise Not rated yet
make sure your dogs get a healthy dose of daily exercise to keep them and you fit

Fish feeding Not rated yet
Each morning I set aside the day's rations for my tropical fish on a tray attached to my aquarium such as dehydrated blood worms, flakes, and broken …

Secret Shopping Not rated yet
I do secret shopping for pet stores. I get something free for stating my opinions on the customer service I received.

Pet Money Saver Not rated yet
By supplies at discount stores like Wal-Mart

Watch for Sales and Coupons Not rated yet
Scan the grocery and pet store circulars for specials on pet foods. Also watch for coupons in the newspaper and magazines. Stock up when you find a good …

Clean Teeth Daily for Health Not rated yet
Clean your dog or cat’s teeth every day. This can be done with a rolled up paper towel or a toothbrush. You will be preventing costly Veterinary visits …

Ok we love our pets, shots, haircuts, etc but why not call the local humane society and ask them when they will be having low cost shot days and plan …

Coupons Not rated yet
Save coupons and watch for sales on your dog products.

Heartworm medicine Not rated yet
I was purchasing my heartworm med. from my vet, them 1-800 pet meds, but found the cheapest so far at Entirely Pets.com for 29.99 for a 6 month supply …

Prevention Not rated yet
I find regular checkups and maintaining your dogs health according to your vet, will save you unexpected bills in the future.

pet health Not rated yet
Take your pets to the veterinarian regularly for checkups and keep them vaccinated.

touch massage Not rated yet
By touching and massaging your pet, you learn early if your pet has any sore spots. It helps to bond you. Pet is more likely to trust you if you have …

Feed 'Em Right! Not rated yet
I think if you feed your pets the right food, and don't overfeed them, they will live longer and healthier lives, and thus, will save money on vet bills! …

Coupons Not rated yet
I buy only when food and supplies are on sale and I get my wet food with coupons only.

Consistent Training Not rated yet
Don't let your dog get away with begging at the table, it will get very annoying. Be consistent in saying No, and do not feed it from the table, we learned …

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