What Is Your Favorite Breed of Dog or Cat

What is your Favorite Breed of Dog or Cat? And Why?

Please take the time to tell us and everyone else what your favorite breed of dog or cat is and why?

Other Favorite Breeds People Have Liked

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Golden Retriver 
Good temperment

they are small, intelligent, and they don't shed.

Himalayan Cat 
Our Himalayan, FatBob, is the biggest freak cat I've ever met. I swear he's not a cat, but some kind of fuzzy cross-eyed dog mix. He wags his tail continuously …

Mixed shelter cats 
Fourteen years ago we went to adopt a kitten at our local shelter. I was very depressed after a death in my family and felt I needed a pet. My husband …

Iam the proud owner of five of the buggers.

Lhasa-apso is my favorite breed of dog, because they are so smart. She seems to understand when I talk to her. She knows when she has been bad. She will …

Corkscrew hair locks remind me of an old fashioned mop head. Size is just right. Happy disposition.

Boston Terrier 
If you had asked me six months ago I would have said Cocker Spanials. But our 6 month Boston has won our hearts and soul. She is friendly, obedient, …

Golden Retriever 
They are beautiful, intelligent, and friendly.

Bernese Mountain Dog Not rated yet
I had a Berner about 10yrs ago, he was the best dog ever.His name was "Chipper Von Holsey". He was and still is the love of my life.I miss him sooo much. …

goldlen retriever female Not rated yet
most caring, loving, even tempered dog i have ever had,,,i had my female for 16 years...very responsive to whatever is going on, wonderful with small children …

shih tzu Not rated yet
so cute, sweet, very smart. happy dogs very low shedding

Great Dane Not rated yet
My name is Duke. I am a four year old Great Dane and I will tell you why I am the best. Have you had a bad day? Let me come lay my big ol' head in your …

English Mastiff Not rated yet
Beautiful, gentle, loyal, and loving. Who could ask for for?

Mutt Not rated yet
2 ugly dogs had 4 ugly puppies.

Alley Cat Not rated yet
They don't discriminate and there are many to adopt.

Weimaraner Not rated yet
They are my favorite because they are smart, beautiful dogs. I have one and she is so stuborn, but that's what makes her...her!

Pug Not rated yet
I just think they are so cute.They certainly don't mind,and are pig headed,but they are alot of company and I have loved several over the last 24 years. …

Bengal Cats Not rated yet
They are incredibly smart and agile. While being extremely friendly, they have managed at the same time to keep a lot of their wild ancestors' spirt making …

Somali Not rated yet
They are beautiful with semi-long hair that is silky to the touch. The red ones look like little foxes. Their personalities are wonderful -- they are like …

Yorkshire Terrier Not rated yet
My yorkie Jake is the sweetest, smartest, little dog in the world, of course that's just my opinion! He's is very much a creature of habit. He's three …

german shepherd Not rated yet
we had one and she was awesome

BASSET HOUND Not rated yet

Domestic shorthair Not rated yet
Because they are so friendly and cute

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Shih Tzu Not rated yet
My little friend.

Italian Greyhound Not rated yet
I love my dog pluto! He is so loyal to us and he truly is just happy to be with us. He will run and play with us outside and snuggle with us on the couch. …

Miniature Doberman Pincher Not rated yet
Lady Bug is a very good dog with all the grandchildren. She is a very sweet loving dog well dispositioned. So I would say she is my favorite breed. Randy …

Domestic Shorthair Not rated yet
I love all my "mutts" both shorthair and longhair.

Black Labrador Retriever Not rated yet
They are loyal and fun and great for the family

SIAMESE Not rated yet

mix Not rated yet
cattle dog mix is what my doggy is :-)

Boxer Not rated yet
They are soooo sweet and good natured.

Tibetan spaniel Not rated yet
Loyal and friendly.

Chocolate Lab Not rated yet
The are very children friendly and loyal pets.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Not rated yet
They are so much! Corgi's always seem to greet people saying Hi! I'm a corgi! Love me!

Fox Terrier Not rated yet
We have a Fox Terrier, her name is Yoshi. She is truly the best dog ever. She is very well mannered, and smart.....did I tell ya she loves to give kisses? …

Cockapoo Not rated yet
My dog is awesome. He doesn't shed, he is really smart, and he listens well.

Mutt  Not rated yet
Mutt's are very loving and there are so many loving mutts waiting for homes at animal shelters. We have 3.

German Sheperd Not rated yet
Most Reliable Breed

Bolanese Not rated yet
They are the cutest dogs, and so lovable. And oh so smart!

Labrador Retriever Not rated yet
They are sweet and loyal and great with kids! They are lifelong companions who love to love and be loved. They love to play and be active, which keeps …

German shepard Not rated yet
My 20 year old son would love to have a white german shepard

Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
It's a little dog, who acts big. They have a big heart for their owner...and only require to play often!

Labrador Retreiver Not rated yet
Even though I love all breeds and currently have 2 German Shepherds that are my babies, Labs are just your friend til the end. They always have that puppy …

SIberian Husky  Not rated yet
Lovely temperament, curious, smart and loyal.

Tabby Cat Not rated yet
Each on is so unique with the different markings which are so beautiful. I've had two tabbies and loved them both.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Not rated yet
I used to have a black and white Domestic Shorthair Cat. I loved her so much. She was very playful, had a lot of personality and was vocal.

Cat - Russian Blue Not rated yet
A Russian blue has the short/medium hair that is easy to care for, and the eyes are stunning. There is such a regal attitude that the cat reminds me of …

Domestic Shorthair Cat Not rated yet
There are a wide range of styles within the Domestic Shorthair Cat category. Something for everyone.

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Dachsund Not rated yet
My family raised them as I was growing up and I've always had a dachsund. They're such fun dogs,fiercely loyal, make great companions.

llewellin setter Not rated yet
Loving, beautiful, smart and great pets as well as a fabulous hunting dog!

Maltese Not rated yet
Cute and lovable

Miniature Dachshund Not rated yet
I volunteered at a dog kennel shortly before I started high school, where I met a little red Miniature Dachshund named Georgia. Georgia was only at the …

Toy/Minature Poodles Not rated yet
I love toy/minature poodles because they're so loyal and sweet. They always love to be near their family and they love to snuggle. I have 3 of them right …

mutt or mixed breed Not rated yet
they are the most loving and make the best pets. I dont believe in paying hundreds or thousands for a pure bred unless you are showing them in competitions,too …

Lake Land Terrier Not rated yet
Their just so playful.

Doberman Not rated yet
Doberman are one of my favorite dog breeds because they are absolutely loyal to a fault almost. I truly do love all breeds, as well as a regular ol' heinz …

Cat: Domestic Shorthair Not rated yet
They are widely varied, beautiful, and endlessly lovable and adorable in every way!

mixed breed Not rated yet
My Mosey is a mix of German Sheppard and Greyhound. She loyal, loving, gentle and very pretty. Mixed breeds always seem to get the best of each breed and …

Yellow Lab Not rated yet
Family Friendly and great guard dogs :) ktgonyea at gmail.com

beagle Not rated yet
how can you not fall in love with a beagle after 1 look, plus they are very affectionatye

Scottish Fold cats Not rated yet
They look like little owls or teddy bears, and have a great personality.

Pug Not rated yet
We rescued a pug in August and she's the sweetest little dog ever. She had puppies in September and we kept one, She just passed away in March of epilepsy. …

Cocker Spaniel Not rated yet
Sassy is the love of my life. She is so gentle and caring and super protective! She is my best friend!

Labrador Retriever Not rated yet
Labs are calm, and great with kids.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Not rated yet
Because my newest baby is one! He actually wandered into our yard (we live in the country and regularly get "drop-offs") a year ago as a little pup. He …

Retiever cross German Shepherd Not rated yet
I own a Retiever cross German Shepherd named Josie. She by far was the easiest dog to train due to being a intelligent Shepherd. Also is the best family …

Daschund Not rated yet

Shih Tzu Not rated yet
Such great personalities. Can go from Lap dogs, to hiking buddy. Travels well.

Pekinese Not rated yet
Because we have always had them, and they are very protective of our family and home.

siamese cats Not rated yet
I just think they're beautiful, graceful and dignified.

Norwegian Forest Not rated yet
I've had two, and I just love their coat and temperament.

American Cat Not rated yet
Love the short hair and the disposition of this breed. Love the black and white too!

Maltipoo Not rated yet
My daughter owns a 7 month old Maltipoo named Miley and she is just so loving and full of life. She has stolen my heart!!

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Labrador retriever Not rated yet
they are beautiful, great with kids and they love to hunt. They are also very very LOYAL.

Terriers Not rated yet
Not only are they energetic and bright, but one owns my heart and shares my life!:)

shipoo Not rated yet
the mix of shitsu and poodle make a wonderful fluffy small dog, that has the intelligence of a poodle and the demeanor of the shitsu. an all a round great …

American Pitbull Terrier Not rated yet
I am tired of the bad rap that they get and because my girl Indi is a pitbull and she is my best friend. Because of her, I have become an advocate for …

Basset Not rated yet

Russian Blue cats Not rated yet
Russians are so beautiful, sleek, dense plush fur, long, slim, elegant bodies, those soulful, intelligent green eyes. They are also so reserved, so quiet, …

labrador retriever Not rated yet
because they are the perfect size for play, have lots of energy and are very people friendly. thanks! (freaaa@gmail.com)

Border Collie Not rated yet
They are very intelligent and hard working dogs. They are highly alert, full of energy and very loyal and protecting.

mut Not rated yet
They are cute.

chihuahua Not rated yet
so tiny they fit in your hand. the way they shiver and peer into your eyes. even their little poops are so cute.

springer spaniel Not rated yet
they are extraordinarily friendly and fun DOGS. zedthewizard at gmail dot com

Collie Not rated yet
Owned collies throughout my youth. As an adult I haven't had the opportunity as we've found our most recent pets on the sides of the roads and other humane …

German Shepherd Not rated yet
They are smart and loyal

Jindo Not rated yet
They are beautiful and smart dogs.

Persian Not rated yet
Cute smooshy face, calm demeanor, lovable and sociable.

German Shepherd Not rated yet
They are smart, loyal, and territorial enough not to wander off.

mixed housecat Not rated yet
Our mixed housecats - all rescue - have been the best pets ever. They are loyal, lovable, dependable and just perfect. Here are a few pics.

Corgie Not rated yet
cute and smart

German Shephard Not rated yet
They are loyal to the family and sturdy enough to take the rough and tumble of children.

Maine Coon Cat Not rated yet
Devoted, affectionate, non-agressive...a wonderful bundle of fur!

Shitz Tzu Not rated yet
I've had thenm and they're just really fun and they're lap dogs.

Gernman wired hair Not rated yet
She ( Ginger ) has so much energery and when I am feeling down she is always ready to go and play and excitenent makes it's impossible tp feel sad. She …

Beagle Not rated yet
Because our puppy is a beagle and she is the sweetest thing ever!

boxer Not rated yet
I think they are gorgeous dogs, they normally have a great personality.

KORAT cat Not rated yet
friendly, affectionate, smart, loving

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Siberian Husky Not rated yet
They're beautiful dogs and I really want one as a pet.

MANX Not rated yet

Terrier Not rated yet
They come in small sizes like Yorkie and Silkie. I have one of both and they can sit on your lap unlik the bigger breads.

CHIHUAHUA Not rated yet
The are a small sweet dog that is easy to take care of.

bostons Not rated yet
Well I'm allergic to dogs but these guys have short hair that doesn't bother me. They are very affectionate, which helps when my husband is out to sea. …

Shih Tzu Not rated yet
I am allergic to most pets, but my Shih Tzu doesn't shed. They are small and with the exception of the groomers, are pretty low maintenance.(food cost,space …

domestic short/long hair cat Not rated yet
I think that the basic domestic short/long hair cat is smarter than most pure-breds and a better companion.

Poodle Not rated yet
She's the best

Golden Retreiver Not rated yet
They are so friendly!

Beagle Not rated yet
They are small, short haired, long memory and devoted little dogs. My beagle meets me every evening when I get home from work. No matter the type of …

Toy Poodle Not rated yet
Toy Poodles are so sweet, loyal, and loving. They love to be by you, always. They're very smart. I have 2 toy poodles and one Malti-poo mix.

alaskan malamut Not rated yet
such beauty & grace (even though i own a mutt of a cat) oldnehamkin at yahoo dot com

Mongrel Not rated yet
I've studied animal science and genetics at Texas A&M University, and I know that hybrid vigor is the best option for any species. Our animal nutrition …

Maine Coon Cat Not rated yet
Without a doubt the finest mousers- and the smartest domestic cat- stunningly beautiful.

Italian greyhounds Not rated yet
I just adore their personalities. I actually have a Rhodesian Ridgeback who I love.

Mixed Not rated yet
Because you don't need to be a "perfect" breed to be beautiful.

German Shepherd Not rated yet
I prefer large dogs. Even though they may have their health issues, they are very loving animals. Travis is my current dog, and he makes my home his. …

lab Not rated yet
They are smart, and strong but gentle.

Dauchaund Mini Not rated yet
We have one, I have had many through the years and have outlived them, they are loyal , cute, cuddley, and just plain fun to have, good with kids and …

rescue Not rated yet
I love my mutts and rescue cats. They are so grateful for everything they get!

Tabby cat Not rated yet
Beautiful & mild-mannered

Calico cats Not rated yet
I've had two calicos and they were the sweetest cats.

Chihuahua Not rated yet
I am biased because i have one :) She's a long haired chihuahua. They're my favorite because they're little enough for people like me who live in the …

Domestic Shorthair Cat Not rated yet
Why is Domestic Shorthair Cat my favorite breed... that's easy! Bottom line, because that's what our little "fur-baby is! My life is changed because …

Miniature Schnauzer Not rated yet
My parents had two wonderful miniature schnauzers (one at a time) while I was growing up, and they were sweet, loving, wonderful pets. I just associate …

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My favorite breed of cat is Crybaby (domestic smarmy shorthair). Not rated yet
I have had one for 14 years. At this point, he is my child. We have been through some rough times together, and because he has persevered right along …

Papillon Not rated yet
They are smart, adorable and small enough to take along anywhere.

Golden Retriever Not rated yet
It is the one I own and my philosophy is "love the one you are with".

beagle Not rated yet
We have a beagle and they are fun, easy maintenance, smart, and great w/ kids

shepard Not rated yet
loyal kid friendly loveable

Poodle Not rated yet
Poodles are hypoallergenic - so anyone who is allergic to pets can have them. They are intelligent and very sensitive. I have 3 toy poodles - each 1 has …

Terrier/Poodle Not rated yet
Nice small dog ,great temperment and very cute!

Bombay Not rated yet
Our cat, named "Basic", is a Bombay. He has a nice black coat and a fun personality (sometimes moody, sometimes playful) and he is 14 years old.

Australian Shepherd Not rated yet
They are smart, loyal and cuddly.

PERSIAN Not rated yet

The American Mutt and the American Shorthair Cat Not rated yet
They are the most loving, loyal and smart. All my pets have come from the pound or found abandoned somewhere. They very quickly realize they have a good …

Calico Cats Not rated yet
I like Calico Cats because of their independence. All cats are independent, but the Calico is the most independent of all.

Maltese Mixed Rescued Not rated yet
We just rescued a little maltese mix (with what we don't know. She doesn't shed, she appears to be bright, is a great companion, and has a sweet personality. …

BOXER Not rated yet

german shorthair Not rated yet
such an intelligent dog and an even better companion

Irish Setter Not rated yet
My first family dog was an Irish Setter. I'm hooked for life!

YELLOW LAB Not rated yet

MUTTS Not rated yet
They don't have the physical and psychological issues that pure breds do!

Calico Cat Not rated yet
Because of my little Ellie May who is my kindred spirit. She is my joy.

Bengal Cat Not rated yet
Because they are sweet and wonderful cats! They play fetch better than any dog I have ever seen! I love my bengal, and wouldn't trade her for anything …

Burmese cat Not rated yet
Beautiful and intelligent.

pitbull Not rated yet
i think they make very loyale pets i have one who is 1 1/2 and nothing but a big baby

Australian Shepherd Not rated yet
They are such smart dogs that you can teach them anything. They are great for protecting children and ready to give their lives for their owners. We …

PUG Not rated yet
They have scrunched up noses and big eyes, plus they snore - a lot! Too cute!

Maine Coon Cat Not rated yet
They are just beautiful and soft and I love cats, all of them. I do prefer longer haired breeds though.

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Austrailian Shepard Not rated yet
I love the Aussie because they are so smart and love to work. Our girl has created jobs for hereself and loves to be useful. Aussies are high energy and …

golden retriever Not rated yet
I like large loveable dogs

golden retriever Not rated yet
they are very loyal and loveable

German Shepard Not rated yet
The are workers and protectors of their territory.

Black Labradors Not rated yet
They are so friendly! I've never seen a mean one yet.

Pumi Not rated yet
They are absolutely darling dogs!

Pug Not rated yet
They are cute but in a way a little on the ugly side! And I love their curled up tail

Black Labrador Not rated yet
Labs are so smart and very loving. They are very good with children.

German Shepherd mix Not rated yet
These dogs are good around children and will protect the owners.

Pomeranian Not rated yet
They make the best friends.

Siamese Cat Not rated yet
I love how when they meow, they sound like babies! And their coloring is SO beautiful!

Labrador Retreiver Not rated yet
They are fiercly Loyal family dogs and VERY cute.

chocolate lab Not rated yet
I love chocolate labs. They are beautiful dogs!

jack terrier Not rated yet
Because they are small yet have huge personalities. They are also extremely smart!

Golden Retriever Not rated yet
Golden retrievers have the sweetest personalities. I've never seen one I didn't like, plus they are just beautiful dogs.

american eskimo Not rated yet
i love their flipped up tails

Siamese Not rated yet
Because they are beautiful and intelligent.

Golden Retriever Not rated yet

Pomeranian Not rated yet
We had a Pomeranian and he was the best dog we ever had.

Whippet Not rated yet
They are clean, don't require much grooming and are just delightful to live with.

Russian Blue Not rated yet
They are a very affectionate breed and very playful

Wild Birds (Finches) Not rated yet
I love feeding wild birds. It makes me feel peaceful to enjoy their feast.

Australian Shepherd Not rated yet
You never know what to expect with all their energy.

BENGAL!!!!! Not rated yet
I have 5 purebred cats, all different breeds ; an ocicat, burmese, abbsyninian, a persian and a bengal. I am a life long cat lover and animal lover. There …

Chihuahua Not rated yet
Best little lap dog ever

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DOBERMAN Not rated yet

Bengal Cat Not rated yet
I love the Bengal breed of cat, they're so exotic and their coats are beautiful!

Siamese cats Not rated yet
Siamese are people-loving cats, who love to snuggle on your lap, be around you, sleep in your bed with you, and really need human closeness and companionship. …

Beagle Not rated yet
Cute, loyal, perfect sized, and with the hound howl.

Collie Not rated yet
My favorite dog breed is a collie, not only for their intelligence and loyalty but their natural instinct to herd in a gentle manner protects the family …

Abyssinian Cat Not rated yet
Abyssinians are very smart, very affectionate and very active. They are also beautiful.

Bengal cat Not rated yet
I have wanted one since the first time I saw one. They look like a wild cat - so cool!

boxers Not rated yet
Because they are loyal, easily trainable, cute and very loving!

Pound puppy! Not rated yet
Because I love dogs and that is the best way to save them--take them home and love them--they love you unconditionally even though they do not realize …

English Bulldog Not rated yet
They have great faces

German Shepard Not rated yet
Tara was my best friend for many years. I trusted her, so when she showed concern, I paid extra attention. She knew the difference between a healthy …

Beagle Not rated yet
No idea... Just love em

Dalmatian Not rated yet
Love the high energy and beauty

Maine Coon Not rated yet
Gorgeous, huge (you can really wrap your arms around them), sweet, smart, fun. Who can resist??

All American Mutt Not rated yet
She's a great dog... even the Vet is not sure what she's mixed with!

English Springer Spaniel Not rated yet
I like this breed because we had one when our four youngest children were growing up and he was the gentlest dog you could have with small children.

Great Dane Not rated yet
Loving, gentle despite size.

Ragdoll Cat Not rated yet
They have the best personalities. Loyal as a dog is!

American Cocker Spaniel Not rated yet
They're pretty without being fufu, they have merry dispositions and can make you smile with a cock of their heads.

schipperke Not rated yet
I LOVE Schipps!! I have three of them and they are the most loyal dogs anyone can ask for. My Babydoll is 7 and she just loves me to pieces and I love …

TeaCup Australian Shepard Not rated yet
Because we have one and he's just the smartest, cutest little guy anyone could ever want!

No breed - Shelter animals Not rated yet
I think a shelter animal makes the best pet and it saves an animal from being put down.

border collie Not rated yet
I own one.

Pembroke welsh corgi Not rated yet
Because they are a very good family dog and are not a large breed.

Beagle Not rated yet
They are cute, friendly, smart, and inquisitive. They are great with kids and are amazing family dogs.

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domestic shorthair cat Not rated yet
They have a great all round personality.

Black Lab Not rated yet
I just think that these dogs are so beautiful looking and so intellegent. Thanks so much.

Boxer Not rated yet

MIXED RESCUE Not rated yet

Long hair tuxedo cat Not rated yet
Because GiGi is the cat I have now. When I had other breeds of cats or dogs, *they* were my favorite.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Not rated yet
They are a wonderful family dog. Loyal to the pack, great with kids and a deterrent for strangers if needed.

poodle Not rated yet
they are lovable and cute

LAb Not rated yet
Because they are friendly

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