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41 Cat Breeds

The Cat Fancier's Association Inc., is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats. They are dedicated to the preservation of the pedigreed cat and to enhancing the well being of all cats.

CFA was founded in 1906 and has grown now to have almost 400 shows a year worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a cat judge you should contact them.

Below are the 40 breeds that are officially recognized. The Ragamuffin cat has provisional status, but soon should be officially recognized, so I also included it in the list to bring the total to 41 cat breeds.

1. Abyssinian: One of the oldest known cat breeds.

2. American Bobtail: Has short tail, not officially recognized until February 2000.

3. American Curl: Ears start to curl back starting at about 5 days of age.

4. American Shorthair: Recognized in more than 80 different colors.

5. American Wirehair: Wiry whiskers and coat.

6. Balinese: Basically a long haired Siamese.

7. Birman: Large stocky cat with long silk coat.

8. Bombay: Black short haired cat with copper eyes (panther like)

9. British Shorthair: Beautiful gray cat dating back to Roman times.

10. Burmese: Very soft silky coats.

11. Chartreux: French cat with very wooly coat.

12. Colorpoint Shorthair: Very similar in appearance to the Siamese.

13. Cornish Rex: Very odd looking cat with a coat that lays in waves.

14. Devon Rex: Huge ears and a tightly curled coat.

15. Egyptian Mau: Mau is Egyptian for cat, these have spotted coats.

16. European Burmese: Comes in more colors then the Burmese.

17. Exotic: Looks like a Persian but with a shorter coat.

18. Havana Brown: A beautiful chocolate colored cat.

19. Japanese Bobtail: A short tailed breed from Japan.

20. Javanese: Same as Balinese.

21. Korat: Beautiful gray cat with large green eyes.

22. LaPerm: Its curly hair resembles a perm.

23. Maine Coon Cat: Large, sturdy american cat.

24. Manx: Short or no tailed breed.

25. Norwegian Forest Cat: Beautiful long haired cats with silky feel.

26. Ocicat: A large and beautiful agouti spotted cat.

27. Oriental: A long sleek cat with a whippy tail.

28. Persian Cat: The most popular breed of cat.

29. RagaMuffin: Very large cat with many coat colors.

30. Ragdoll Cat: Large blue eyed cat with affectionate personality.

31. Russian Blue: Plush double coated cats with green eyes.

32. Scottish Fold: Unique cat with ears folded down, looks like an owl.

33. Selkirk Rex: Large cat with curly coat.

34. Siamese: A well known cat originally from Thailand.

35. Siberian: National cat of Russian, rare in the U.S.

36. Singapura: Unique short haired cat from Singapore.

37. Somali: Its bushy tail resembles a fox.

38. Sphynx: Hairless cat.

39. Tonkinese: Similar appearance to the Siamese.

40. Turkish Angora: Soft silky coat, comes from Turkey.

41. Turkish Van: From Asian, it has a bushy tan tail.

These 7 breeds are not CFA approved cat breeds, which is why they are not on the above list.


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