Natural Life Dog Food

Natural Life dog food does not contain any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. They also do not use any byproducts, and pride themselves on only using the best ingredients. They also promised never to use grain fragments, but only to use whole grains.

Also all of their formulas are naturally preserved with vitamins C and E, with no added chemicals. Each product is 100% complete and balanced.

This company also prides itself on doing testing that is beyond what is required in terms of testing for salmonella, E. coli, and other food pathogens.

Puppy Complete

The main sources of protein in this product is chicken and lamb, which is great for muscle development and growth. This formula is designed to be easily digestible for puppies, and also contains enough energy to help them reach maturity very easily.

Adult Complete

This adult complete formula is made with whole chicken meal, and is fortified with glucosamine. The wheat that is added is grown pesticide free, and it is naturally preserved with natural antioxidants. This should be fed to dogs between one and seven years of age

Senior Complete Formula

Senior complete formula is for dogs that are over seven years of age, or for larger breed dogs that are over four years of age or those dogs that are less active.

There is in no added salt in this formula, which is easier on your dog's kidneys, and this product is is also fortified with glucosamine and Ester-C.

Adult Vegetarian Formula

This is a no meat formula for those who wish their dogs be vegetarians, or for those dogs that have since suspected meet allergies. This diet is very high in fiber, which also can help with constipation problems.

Adult Complete Venison Meal and Rice Formula

This formula has venison meal as a primary meat. This is good for dogs that are allergic to traditional dog foods, or for those that are seeking a more digestible dog food.

LamaDerm Products

Natural Life dog food makes LamaDerm products which are for animals with sensitive digestive tracts and food allergies. The primary meat is lamb, and the primary carbohydrate is ground brown rice.

Puppy Lamaderm Formula
Adult Lamaderm Formula
Weight Management Lamaderm
Lamaderm Senior Formula

Canned Dog Food

Puppy Complete
Adult Complete
Adult Lamaderm

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