Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat has a long history. The breed is believed to have originated in Northern Europe and is believed to have been domesticated by the Vikings in Norway.

The cat is also known as the Skaukatt, and Norsk Skogkatt. In the United States, the Norwegian Forest cat is also called the Wegie.

The coat color varies tremendously, from all white to all black. Many also have a beautiful mane of hair. The tail is long, up to a foot, and very fluffy. The eyes are often emerald green. There are also characteristic long tufts of hair coming from each of their ears.

Males can weight between 13 to 22 pounds. Females are usually half that size. They have large bushy coat and long fluffy tail. Even though the coat is thick it requires minimal care by the owner, maybe a rare brushing is needed.

Norwegian Forest cats were not accepted as official breeds until the late twentieth century. It is believe to be an early ancestor of the Maine Coon cat, another large breed cat.

Like the Maine Coon cat, these are lovable cats, great for families. Although they developed their thick coats by living outside, the prefer to be inside with a loving family.

Their thick double layer coat can cause increased allergies in the house and more hair to clean up, so potential owners should be aware of this.

If you decide to buy a Norwegian forest cat be sure to look for references for reputable breeders. They should not sell kittens until 12 weeks of age, or until they have had all their kitten vaccines.

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