Pet tips to keep your pet healthy and save you money!

#1. Fresh Water

One of the easiest pet tips to keep your pet healthy is often overlooked but an easy way to keep your pet healthy is to provide clean fresh water daily. Also, be sure to clean your petÕs water bowl regularly.

#2 Great Diet

Only give your pet a balanced diet pet food. Snacks and human food should only be given in very small amounts if at all. Feeding the top dog foods should be all that your pet requires.

#3 Pet Vaccines

Keeping your pet current on vaccinations is a great way to keep them healthy and save money. Spending $20 on pet vaccines is much cheaper than paying for an exam, diagnostic work up, and medicine when your pet is sick because it did not get the vaccines it needed.

#4 Home Safety

Keep your pet safe at home. Keep chemicals locked in cabinets, be on the look out for poisonous plants around the house like lilies. Also, pick up any strings or other foreign bodies that pets like to chew on, that they could possible swallow.

#5 Exercise

Exercise is often the most under looked aspect of your pet's quality of life. A walk around the block or 15 minutes of playtime in the backyard is not enough. Get out there with your pet and play! Don't let them become a fat dog.

#6 Preventative Care

Preventive care for your pet can go a long way to helping them live a long and healthy life. Also, it is a great way to save money.

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