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Lost the remote for the telly? Remote for the DVD? Cant find ya cigarettes? Ya Mobile? A Pen? Then check out my hot tip. 
Its annoying innit when you cant find ONE pen to hand? Youve just had dinner,and you fancy a cool relaxing Marlboro, damn,you left them at the bottom of …

when triming hair around ears on dogs, make sure you don't clip ears as well 
take good care of all your pets, if someone is going to dump their pets, they're going to do the same to their children as well. Stay safe,and take good …

Did you know that declawing is illegal in many countries? That's because declawing is the equivalent of removing your fingers up to the first knuckle. …

Cats into kittens via lasers 
It is just one of those laser pointers with different tips to change out. My cat loves to chase the light picture for hours. It is so much fun to watch …

The Furminator is what I have found works best on getting rid of all that loose hair on both cats and dogs. I have found it works better on short haired …

Brunswick Vet Clinic 
Great doc there who really helped my cat. Rebecca Hahn

Zymox Ear Medication 
My vet Rx'd me a bottle for my Standard Poodles who ALWAYS have ear infections and within two days, the Poodles infections were history! Great stuff. …

The Freedom Leash 
After considerable product development, Amber McCrocklin is finally getting ready to take The Freedom Leash to market. This unique product is a one-hand …

FLEAS!!! SIPHOTROL PLUS spray Not rated yet
Hi everybody, I'be been reading about all the flea problems across the country & may have a solution for all. I recommend SIPHOTROL PLUS spray. It's …

Protect yourself and pet from more outdoor shockings/electrocution. Not rated yet
Greetings! Please see the recent Nashua dog shock incident; please disseminate this vital public service to preclude more tragedies. Many thanks for all …

My Funny Dog Moto.(click image to read caption) Not rated yet
I dont know if any other readers have this, but when i,m out with my new friend,who i have only had for 4 years now. I got him from a Dogs Mental Home …

Not just a pooper scooper, a lifesaver! Not rated yet
Our family's German Shepherd, Max can really make a mess of the yard, especially when the snow melts. My kids always dread having to pick up after a winter's …

Flea stuff and pain Not rated yet
Please note that many dogs cannot stand the flea medications that are applied between the front shoulder blades. With a standard sized longhaired dachshund …

Glass Pet Memorials that contain that ashes of your pet Not rated yet make Pet Cremaion Keepsakes and Glass Pet Memorials that contain the actual ashes of your pet.

Vet expenses tip for pensioners Not rated yet
As a pensioner, I find Vet expenses beyond me and so each fortnight I put away in a separate account $20 which mounts to $560 per year. This certainly …

Pet Food Not rated yet
I highly recommend Bill Jack's dog food and treats. Great for dogs with an overly sensitive stomach.

Healthy Checkup Not rated yet
Many times you can find reasonable fee for rabies shot and such by calling you local animal shelter.

Lazer pointer warning Not rated yet
I just saw on a talk show that a vet said lazer pointers can hurt a cat's eyes. I've since stopped using it as a toy for my babies.

Pet stores Not rated yet
While pet stores are great, I strongly believe in never self medicating your pet. Buying and using a non-vet recommended product could easily cause harm …

Premium pet food Not rated yet
Over the years -- many of them when we bred and showed pedigreed Somalis and American Shorthairs -- we found that feeding our cats the so-called "premium" …

Natural Animal Not rated yet
I recommend the Natural Animal brand of products for safe flea control.

Furminator Not rated yet
The Furminator is easy to use and helps immensely with long haired cats.

CONTROL Not rated yet
have ur pet spayed or neutered.

Treats for the cats Not rated yet
My cats are my babies and they know when I go shopping they will be getting a treat. I love coming home with the shopping bags and they are waiting ,I …

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Toy on a rope Not rated yet
Owners, please be advised that when you buy a toy that has a ball in the middle and the rope tied on each end ,watch your dogs! They chew the rope and …

Pet Zoom Not rated yet
Slicker brush with metal tips covered so the animal isn't scratched and enjoys being groomed.

Walk Not rated yet
Walk your puppy everyday

furminator Not rated yet
i love the furminator it works so well in taking off the undercoat and shedding hair on animals.

pumpkin to prevent dogs eating poop Not rated yet
i put a tbsp of pumpkin of my dogs food to keep her from eating poop. it works!

Nail Cutting Not rated yet
Get nails trimmed at the groomer, not at home. It's safer for you pet. txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

Feeding Not rated yet
I know this isn't universally accepted, but (for an only dog) free feeding has always worked for our dogs. We have never had an overweight dog, as they …

LOW VET BILLS Not rated yet
I highly recommend buying pet insurance when your dog or cat is young. I was surprised by some very large vet bills and regret that I didn't get insurance! …

Getting a Pet Not rated yet
When you want to get a new pet, please consider adoption. There are shelters and rescues all over with just the kind of pet you are seeking.

no clue I am 50 and first time with an Adopted Beagle Not rated yet
help what do I need to do and a gift card would help Kay, With this submission you are entered into the contest. Check out this website about …

pick me up for sick dogs Not rated yet
Give your pet Gatorade to keep them from getting dehydrated

BIRD FOOD Not rated yet

Dog Food Brand Not rated yet
We have a 12 year old Shetland Sheep Dog named Missy. She was just over 4 years old when we got her from our son's girlfriend at the time. Missy was …

TY Dog toy Not rated yet
My dog loves the TY Dog Beanie Halloween pumpkin. It is her favorite toy.

Prepare for Pet Emergency Not rated yet
Call or visit your vet and ask what the emergency procedures are...good to know what hospital would cover for them on a weekend, late-night or holiday …

Heart Worm Reminder: Not rated yet
As the beginning of each new year we mark the date monthly for Daisy's hear worm pill so we won't forget!

A Squeaky Toy Dog Not rated yet
The pair of the squeaky hotdog and hamburger is a toy that all squeakers love.

FLEAS Not rated yet
If you are having trouble with fleas and you don't want to go to the vet just yet, bath your pooch in "Dawn" dish soap. It really does work good.

pet food Not rated yet
We love natural choice dog food. It makes our dog's coat very soft and healthy.

My pets and I adore the Furminator! Not rated yet
My dogs and cats love the Furminator! It is so amazing! It really is wonderful and gets that loose hair. I highly recommend it!

cat mats Not rated yet
Brush your cat all the time to avoid mats.

Dry Dog food Not rated yet
One of my dogs got hooked on wet dog food, but it was upsetting her stomach. I slowly weened her back on dry dog food by mixing more and more dry in with …

Egg food for finches Not rated yet
I use Orlux Tropical Finch eggfood for my Gouldian Finches. Orlux Tropical Finch are excellent products. The reason I have stuck with the Orlux brand …

House training a new puppy Not rated yet
When house training a new puppy. Get the pup a crate to stay in while your not able to keep an eye on him/her. The puppy won't mess in that area and when …

Introuducing new animals Not rated yet
Go with what the experts say and keep them in separate rooms for the first few days to introduce them to fast doesn't always work.

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CHIHUAHUA'S BATH Not rated yet

yesterdays news kitty liter Not rated yet
it's not like sand and therefore does not get all over the floor, feeling gritty under foot

Fostering Not rated yet
If you have a home and some love to spare, please consider fostering! I've fostered for 3 years now & am so proud and happy to say that all of "my" dogs …

Getting your dog to take a pill Not rated yet
We had to give a dog a daily thyroid for years. Our dog refused it, of course. We hit upon hiding the pill in a about a half teaspoon of peanut butter …

Great book for dog and cat owners! Not rated yet
I bought a book several years ago that has been a great reference book. The book is "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats" by the Editors …

Flea Treatment Not rated yet
There is a new type of flea treatment that my vet recommended that works awesomely! It is a pill instead of a spot treatment. I am not sure of the name …

Cat Toys Not rated yet
If you find the one toy the cat loves, he will take it everywhere. If he doesn't like a toy, it will stay where you put it. Thanks

The newest type of nail cutters for dogs Not rated yet
I was in a new pet store that had just opened and saw that they had a brand of the new type nail cutters, the kind that is like emery board. I bought …

Shiny Coat for Labrador Retrievers Not rated yet
Labrador Retrievers have a natural oil in their coats and it is hard to find a shampoo that will adequately penetrate that oil when they are shampooed. …

PET BED Not rated yet

Pet Product Not rated yet
If you have to give your pet medication in a pill form, I suggest using Greenies Pill Pockets. My cat took his medication, after putting it into a pill …

grooming gloves for cats Not rated yet
grooming gloves for cats are wonderful - you just put them on and pet your cat and it does a wonderful job of taking out excess fur and the cats love …

Please - don't let your dog get hold of raisins or grapes! Not rated yet
Hard to believe but raisins and grapes can be a deadly toxin to some dogs, even a single grape! Please Google for specifics and just be careful. You …

Kirkland Brand Dog Food Not rated yet
Kirkland Brand Dog Food rates #2 on the dog food analysis. Compare the ingredients to your current dog food and you will change over to Kirkland.

Petsmart! Not rated yet
Actually I love Petsmart! I have taken training there for my pet and it was reasonable, and fun! The trainers even stayed after the class to make sure …

Pill Giving Made Simple Not rated yet
Our cat, Maggie, suffers from many ear canal infections so she is often on antibiotics. For a couple years we struggled to give her the daily dose of …

feed at the same time. Not rated yet
feed your pet at the same time(s) each day to promote regularity - which helps out your schedule, too. (thanks, freaaaATgmail DOTcom)

feed at the same time. Not rated yet
feed your pet at the same time(s) each day to promote regularity - which helps out your schedule, too.

Bird play gym Not rated yet
I have 2 conure parrots and instead of buying those expensive bird stands and play gyms we make our own. You can easily build a gym out of 1/2" pvc pipes. …

Hair There Not rated yet
Having three cats and a dog, my home is loaded with animal fur. I have found the best and cheapest way to pick up unwanted animal hair off your clothing …

Hybrid Vigor Not rated yet
When choosing a dog consider a mixed breed. I have had several and they have been so healthy and are really great dogs.

Furninator Not rated yet
I have two Alaskan Malamutes and the double coat can lead to alot of dog hair. The furminator gets all the undercoat out without destroying the guard hairs. …

Love Not rated yet
give lots of love

Sleep Not rated yet
Never wake a sleeping cat!

Best Bed Not rated yet
OC K9 Universal Pet Comfort Sleeper Best beds hands down. Cover is easily washable and the dogs love them.

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Fresh Breath Not rated yet
I always add a little baking soda to my pets toothpaste before brushing their teeth. It helps odor and helps not to use so much toothpaste at once. Their …

brushing Not rated yet
I found the best brush for both long and short hair coats is the "furminator" It can be found in most pet stores and mass merchandise stores.

PET ETIQUETTE Not rated yet

Brush your Cat Not rated yet
Brushing your cat regularly will not only make the cat feel and look better, but will help reduce shedding fur around the home and fewer hairballs.

Be a friend and disaplinarian Not rated yet
Its fine to be your pets best friend but don't let them get away with murder. you have to be the boss and not let them do what they want when they want, …

Cat Advice Not rated yet
I have notice that if you are going to have a cat, girl cats seem to be the calmest. And if you already have boy cats they tend to accept a girl cat into …

Cats with girls in the home Not rated yet
Keep hair ties and bands put up so cat does not chew on them and swallow them The elastic is wat cats like to chew on.

Keep your dog young Not rated yet
Give your dog lots of exercise.

Make play time Not rated yet
It may not be the most fun thing for you after a long day at work, but pets don't understand how your day was. Make time to play with your pets. If it …

Deck The Halls With Pet Hair This Holiday Season? Not rated yet
No more pet hair! I love my new Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover. With three dogs -- a beagle, chihuahua, and a mix -- I have more hair than a Donald Trump …

Coddle and care Not rated yet
I have a Himalayan Persian cat. They should be groomed at least once every day. I do mine at bedtime but other times would be easier for other people. …

Kong Not rated yet
If your dog likes to chew, and damages things as he/she does it. Then you should get a kong. They are virtually indestructible and fun to toss around. …

Soothe the Savage Beastie! Not rated yet
If your doggie gets a little wound up during holiday activities and bustle, try settling him down in a quiet room with a CD of classical music especially …

hot spot relief Not rated yet
gold bond powder works wonderfully on hot spots

Dog Toys Not rated yet
Anything made by Kong is great! They are generally long lasting and very entertaining.


Greenies pill pockets Not rated yet
Oh, my gosh, this makes giving pills to my cat a pleasure. Thank you whoever for finally making a product that really works. The cat loves them.

Feed Products From The USA Not rated yet
do not feed your dog anything that is not made in usa make sure you read .what you think may be made in usa may only be distributed in usa

Loving your pet Not rated yet
It is so important to talk to your pet, give them attention as many times as you can on a daily basis. It is amazing how much they understand what you …

walk the walk Not rated yet
walking is a healthy way to connect to your dog.

Grooming/Brushing. Not rated yet
Make sure you brush your cats once a day for about 10 minutes. Especially for long haired cats, but for short haired cats as well. This will prevent matted …

Expensive Cat Food Not rated yet
Never be tempted to buy a more expensive brand of cat food than your usual brand. Your cat will probably prefer it and refuse to go back to her usual …

warm blankets Not rated yet
About once a week, give them tuna fish. Makes for one happy cat.

Greenies Cat Treats Not rated yet
I recommend Greenies Cat Treats. My cats love them and they clean their teeth and breath as they eat them.

FURminator Not rated yet
this is the best grooming tool ever, it really works

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Flea Medication Not rated yet
I have used advantage flea medicine for my dog and it seems to always work. The price is about 50$ for a 4 week supply!

Outdoor Pets Not rated yet
We cannot have pets due to allergies and aversion to cleaning up after animals but we love to watch our birds outside our all glass sunroom. We purchase …

Vetrinary Specialists Not rated yet
If your pet is ill and you feel your vet is not able to provide the best care for you pet, seek out a specialist. There are cardiologists, dermatologists, …

Gentle giants Not rated yet
The bullmastiff is the most kind, gentle dog on the face of the earth!!!!

Chemicals for aquariums Not rated yet
Stress coat works great in tanks and fish bowls to keep your fish living longer.

Plastic Bone Not rated yet
We own a lab x collie and we have bought him many toys over the years and he would just look at it sniff it and move on. My brother's ladyfriend's dog …

quality Not rated yet
make sure it quality in the food for the right dog

rubber toy tire  Not rated yet
I recommend this our puppy loves it we stuff middle with peanut butter and she just loves trying get the peanut butter out takes her a while .

keep your dog's toe nails clipped  Not rated yet
I recommend pedipaws it has been a wonder with my basset hound.

cushions Not rated yet
I love the cushions with the zippers that you can remove the cover and wash it; they fit perfectly in the dog crates and are so comfortable for sleeping …

nyla bones Not rated yet
nyla bones,they last a long time and dogs luv em

Rabbit Treats Not rated yet
Our rabbit hasn't liked any of the traditional rabbit treats found at the pet store. Recently we found out she loves healthy breakfast cereal - Life is …

last resort fleas for Florida (or anywhere) Not rated yet
Just found out about a product named Capstar--it's a pill that you can either administer by mouth or crumble in a mortar and pestle and add to really stinky …

Grooming Tool Not rated yet
FURminator - it's the best grooming tool to spend your money on and it really works.

Purina One Adult Cat Not rated yet
My Maine Coon cat, Max, loves Purina One Adult Cat food. He has been eating it ever since we adopted him from the Arizona Humane Society when he was 3 …

organic yogurt Not rated yet
My groomer told me about using organic yogurt in my dogs food. I started using it, a tablespoon in the morning, and I can smell the difference. Yes, …

Healthy food recommendations Not rated yet
Hello, My Himilayan cat Simon has just turned 9 years old this past September..He is healthy and hasn't seen a vet for a few years now..last time …

Aldershot Animal Hospital Not rated yet
This vet clinic is located in Burlington, Ontario. If you want an excellent vet, you won't find any better than here. The veternarian to ask for is …

Great place for animals in jeopardy Not rated yet
I reccomend that everyone take a look at Best Friends, the Animal Resuce organization in Utah. They take in so many animals of all kinds and give them …

Don't overfeed your pet Not rated yet
Don't overfeed your pet or he'll be unhealthy.

NutroMax Puppy  Not rated yet
This is the best food. We purchased a Yellow Lab. She has been on this since she came home at 8 weeks old. She never has tummy problems and her coat is …

toys Not rated yet
be careful of chew bones

our local vet Not rated yet
Lodi Veternary clinic, when we had to put our old cat down the vet and her assisant came to our home.

Petsmart and banfeild Not rated yet
Find a Banfeild vet at your local petsmart store and save big bucks on your pet be it cat or dog one visit to a regular vet and you can pay for a year …

yummy and good for them Not rated yet
My 2 pugs and all there friends love the duck jerky and sweet potato treats that petsmart offers. They are not cheap but they love them and I love my puggies …

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Diabetes care Not rated yet
Having two cats that ended up being diagnosed with diabetes I wish I had been told this information years ago. Feed your cats both a dry and canned food. …

Give yor dog a bath weekly Not rated yet
Us as people take a bath everyday but we know dogs don't need a bath everyday.We give our dog a bath every week and they smell wonderful.I think my pet …

Keep a Routine Not rated yet
I have noticed that our cats love a routine. It is comforting to them. So, keep their food and toys in the same place and give them extra attention when …

Kindest Vet s in St.Paul Minnesota Not rated yet
If you want to have the best of care with the kindest Vets ever known please give them a call at Larpenter Vet Clinic 651-487-3712. I had rescued a little …

dog treats  Not rated yet
I like dog treats best

Nupro Joint Support Not rated yet
For aging arthritic dogs and/or dogs with skin coat problems, I recommend Nupro Joint Support Formula, an all Natural dog supplement. Prior to finding …

Diet Not rated yet
My dog enjoys carrots as a low cal treat

ferals Not rated yet
feed ferals

Eest small animal wheel  Not rated yet
The Wodent Wheel is the best small animal wheel on the market!

Dry dog food that dogs will eat. Not rated yet
My dogs will only eat Beneful dry dog food.I have tried all kinds of different ones but now stick with Beneful as it is healthy for them and they will …

Love Not rated yet
My best tip is something money can not buy. It called LOVE and it comes from the heart. If your pet feels your love and knows you are there for them through …

Veterinary Formula Snow white Shampoo Not rated yet
This stuff really works on making your white dog REALLY white. We have a female tomboy Bishon who would be brown without Snow White Shampoo.

Revoution for Cats Not rated yet
I just discovered Revolution. It protects by precious felines against fleas, heartworm, ear mites, hookworm and roundworm. All you do is apply it to their …

Veterinary Not rated yet
Our local vet, twinsburg Veterinary, is the most compasiionate place. They have been there through our two dgos,brothe rand sister form the time we moved …

Nail Trimming Not rated yet
I think the best thing a cat owner can do when they adopt a kitten is to trim its nails weekly, which gets the cat used to it. We failed to do so with …

HiLite Shampoo Not rated yet
We especially like using HiLite Shampoo on our two Cockapoos. Not only is it gentle and does a great job of cleaning our pups, it seems to brighten our …

Food for Rats Not rated yet
Rats can eat just about anything and they will if you let them! It's important to keep their protein intake to a minimal because their skin can break out …

Purina Healthy Weight Management Not rated yet
I feed this to my cat and it has gradually lost weight and has maintained a good shape. Also the haircoat is shiny and there are no hairballs.

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