Amazing Pet Records

Pets are capable of some amazing things. Here are just some of the hundreds of records out there that animals have set.

Some records are hard to verify, especially for people claiming to have the world's oldest dog or cat. So take them with a grain of salt, because until dis-proven, people can claim just about anything. Especially today due to the anonymity of the Internet.

World's Most Expensive Dog

A black Tibetan Mastiff, 31 inches high, and answering to the name of "Yangtze River Number Two," is believed to have broken the world record as the most expensive dog after a Chinese woman paid $582,000 for the "priceless" canine. Earlier this year, a family in Florida paid $155,000 for a Labrador called Lancelot Encore. That price included the cost of cloning the original Lancelot.

March 20, 2011 UPDATE:

$1.5 Million Red Tibetan Mastiff Puppy named Big Splash.

Big Splash (Hong Dong in Chinese) is an 11 month puppy that stands 3 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. The sale happened in the Chinese City of Qingdao. Red Tibetan Mastiffs are a status symbol in China. The owner remains anonymous, but supposedly made his fortune from coal mining.

Tallest Animal

Giraffes can reach up to 19 feet tall. 2nd tallest animal: African Elephant (The African elephant is also the heaviest land animal)

Fastest Animal

The Cheetah can reach speeds up to 70mph. The 2nd fastest animal is it's prey, the Pronghorn Antelope which can reach speeds up to 61mph.

Fastest Dog

Greyhound about 40 mph to 45 mph. Others believe it to be the African Wild Dog (Cape Hunting Dog) which can reach up to 45mph.

Heaviest Cat

Himmy who lived in Cairns, Queensland, is the heaviest recorded cat, weighing in at a staggering 21.3kg (46.8lbs). Himmy, a desexed tabby died at the age of 10 of respiratory failure. The Guinness World Records no longer recognizes the world heaviest dog/cat to discourage people from over feeding their pets.

Strongest Dog

Pound for pound, it is assumed that the Japanese Tosa is the strongest dog. In terms of overall strength the Mastiff is considered to be the strongest.

Strongest Bite Force

The Rottweiler, with a measured bite pressure of 328 kg, is the hardest bitter of all domesticated dogs.

Largest Dog Sled Team

In Alaska, 230 huskies pulled 145,002 pounds for 6 blocks (2/3 miles).

Tallest Living Dog

Gibson, who stood 42.2 inches tall, was Great Dane (recently deceased).

Highest jump by a dog

The highest jump by a dog was 68 inches. Cinderella, a Holly Grey, accomplished this.

Smallest Dog

Heaven Sent Brandy, measured just 6 inches from the tip of nose to tip of tail. Several people claim to have the world's smallest dog, so who knows if this is right.

Longest Dog Ears

Tigger, who is a Bloodhound, has very long ears. One measures 13.75 inches long, and the other one measures 13.5 inches long.

Oldest Dog

Chanel, a dachshund turned 21 years old on May 6th 2009 147 years old in dog years. (died August 28th, 2009) Someone with a dog in Louisiana currently claims to have a dog that is about 26 years old. This is another record where many people claim to have the oldest dog.

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