Pregnant Cat Symptoms

Pregnant cat symptoms can vary, but in general they include the following:

>Enlarging abdomen
>Enlarging mammary glands and nipples
>A change in appetite


>Your Veterinarian can palpate for kittens after 16 days.

>By day 26, fetal heartbeats can be seen on ultrasound.

>By day 43, the fetal bones have mineralized and are now visible on x-ray.

>The Cat’s Gestation length on average is 63 days, but can vary by several days more or less.

During the last weeks of pregnancy make sure your cat has a quiet place to give birth. When cats give birth the process is called queening. During the last week your cat will seek a quiet place to give birth. Provide a quiet room with a box and a blanket.

Also during the pregnancy be sure to give a quality diet to your cat. Pregnant cats require more nutrients and calories.

Signs that your cat will have kittens soon:

>The cat seeks to be by itself in a quiet area
>The body temperature drops
>Mammary glands increase in size
>Milk is starting to be produced
>The appetite decreases

During the queening process it is important to keep disturbances to your cat at a minimum. Dystocia in cats is relatively rare, compared to dogs, but you should be aware of any perceive difficulty when your cat is giving birth and call your vet if needed.