Puppy Kits

5 Things They Must Have

Puppy kits can be great way to get everything you need for your new pet in one convenient package. Many retailers offer several different types of these packages, for example blue for male puppies and pink for female puppies. Regardless of the color of the package here are some things that your puppy kits should include.

1. Toys

Puppies need chew toys like Kongs and rawhide chews. You need to teach them that it is okay to chew on those toys and not your shoes.

2. Food Bowls

Your puppy food bowls should be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is easier to sanitize then plastic bowls and they last much longer. If your puppy is always knocking over its bowls try to secure them in place with the Signature Series Feeder.

3. Grooming Tools

A slicker brush or something like a Furminator can work too. Frequent brushing keeps their coat healthy and shiny. It also helps to keep dog hair balls off your carpet.

4. Collar and Leash

All dogs need an ID tag and a rabies tag. You should also think about getting your dog micro-chipped.

The collar should be tight enough so that you can barely get two finger in between the collar and your puppy's neck.

5. Bed and Crate

You should crate train your puppy. It not only makes them better house dog for you, but it gives them a place where they can feel safe and secure.

These are the basics that you will need for your new puppy. If possible try and get a kit before your dog arrives. Buying one of these puppy kits can be a way to save money, because often things are discounted when they are packaged together.

If you can give you can't find any good ones in your area here is a place where you can find a great one: Puppy Kit.

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