Reviewed: SCALIBOR Protector Band for Dogs - Tick & Flea Collar for Dogs

by Dr. Chris

Scalibor Dog Collar

Scalibor Dog Collar

The SCALIBOR Protector Band is a tick and flea collar for dogs. It is made by Intervet.

The Scalibor collar is designed to control ticks for up to 6 months. It also controls sand flies, carrier of the disease known as Leshmania.

It also has an anti-feeding effect on mosquitoes for up to 6 months as well.

The Scalibor collars come in two sizes. One collar for small and medium sized dogs, 48cm long, that contains 4.0% deltamethrin. (0.76grams per collar)

The collar for large dogs measures 65cm long and contains 4.0% deltamethrin. (1gram per collar)


This tick and flea collar for dogs is available by prescription only.


One collar per dog, for external use only.


Remove collar from pouch and tighten around dog's neck so you can only fight two fingers between the band and the dog's neck. Slide the end through the buckle and cut off any excess length.


6 month protection
Water resistant (works when wet)
Patented insecticide released technology

Insects Controlled:

Dog Ticks
Ixodes ricinus
Rhipicephalus sanguineus

Sand Flies
Phlebotomus periciosus

Culex species


Do not use on puppies less then 7 weeks old.
Don't use on dogs with skin lesions.
Don't use on dog's hypersensitive to pyrethroids
Don't use on cats

The Scalibor Protector Band from Intervet may be used on pregnant and lactating dogs.

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May 02, 2017
Horrible NEW
by: Noreen

My 5lb. Yorkie wore this for about 10 minutes while shaking, trembling, jumping while trying to get comfortable as he slid himself along the couch twitching. We removed it . Tried again 3 days later, 3 minutes on same reaction....Horrible Collar...

Jan 10, 2014
Scalibor Reaction in Heat NEW
by: Anonymous

My dog has been wearing it for a few months, so his reaction was not due to an allergy. We have had some very hot weather lately and the collar has obviously pumped out a surplus of chemicals in the heat.
They have a collar which they admit may cause an allergic skin reaction. They aren’t too sure of the effect of breeding animals, nor on swimming, bathing or shampooing. If you are now to add adverse skin reactions when collar heats up in hot weather, well that’s a real worry.
The manufacturer will not answer my question regarding the effects of extreme heat on the collar. I was told to read the warnings on the packet.
Anyone thinking of buying one beware.

Mar 30, 2012
Awesome product

This is the second year I have used scalibor collars on my dogs. We live in a woodsy area and there are many ticks. Frontline and advantix have never worked well for my dogs. Last year everyone in NH was pulling ticks off their dogs on a dailey basis. We never found one on the dogs and we look carefully whenever the come inside.

Mar 30, 2012
Neurological Side Effects
by: AM

I recently moved to Italy from California and was recommended to change from Frontline to Advantix. After one month in Italy I noticed a few small red bumps on my dogs abdomen. I went to the vet on base and he recommended the scalibor collar. I applied it on Monday and by Wednesday we noticed he was acting weird, head tilting, scratching body, ear twitching.
We removed the collar, bathed him, and washed his bedding. He is slowly starting to act like himself.

Before you apply I would look into product, most importantly how other dogs reacted. This product is new on the market so not a lot of info on side effects.

My dogs side effects were enough for me to never use this product again. I feel a little better knowing other dogs had same reaction, but none of these dogs should respond so quickly to this product with the drastic side effects they had.

Mar 24, 2012
DO Not recommend Scalibor tick collar
by: Anonymous

I work at an animal hospital and have always been hesitant about using tick collars. Being fed up with the amount of ticks my 12 yr old terrier mix had on her I put a Scalibor tick collar on. Within 24 hours both of her ears were twitching nonstop, she was shaking her head, itching her ears and seemed extremely uncomfortable. I removed the collar and bathed her. 24 hours after removing collar her ears are still twitching but not nearly as much. Very scary to see and seems to be neurological. Would never use collar again and would not recommend!

Jan 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

We have two Maltese. For a year, the vet provided us with Preventic collars and Comfortis to combat ticks and fleas. When we needed new collars, she sold us the Scalibor band. How I wish I had done some research before using it. I changed both dogs' collars yesterday. One got the remaining Preventic collar, and the other got the Scalibor.
This dog is 11+ years old, and his level of activity is quite low. He sleeps a lot during the day. After the collar was on about 8 hours or so, he became extremely antsy and agitated, not at all like him. I could not settle him to get to sleep last night, but I had not considered the culprit to be the collar. Earlier in the day, we had a visit from family who had two dogs, so I thought perhaps he was still excited from all the activity. During the night, he was constantly moving, nesting, and trying to find a comfortable position. He would lie down for ten seconds or so, then jump up and start all over again. In the middle of the night, he barked at the door; I thought he had to relieve himself, but when I opened the door, he ran downstairs and through all the rooms, jumping up and down on chairs. It was bizarre. It was this morning that the jerks and twitches started, both of the head and the front paws. He constantly wants to nest. He was also scratching at his collar repeatedly. I removed the collar and bathed him with a shampoo for sensitive skin. That was two hours ago, and the behavior continues. My husband and I rescued these dogs a year ago, and it is painful to watch our little guy go through this torture. I am waiting to hear from the vet. I have concerns that this behavior will last, or God forbid, that it could be permanent.
I am furious with both the manufacturer for not testing this product thoroughly and placing a warning on its wrapper. I am also very angry with my vet (supposedly highly recommended - and certainly very expensive) for not looking into this product further before prescribing it for her patients. In my opinion, this collar should be taken off the market!

Dec 31, 2011
Serious Reaction
by: Anonymous

My little Jack Russell-Cocker mix wore the Scalibor for less than 48 hours and developed repetitive twitching and itching around her neck. Have removed the collar (hate it!) and bathed her but the twitching remains. We have now spent two (almost) sleepless nights. Nothing on the product warning indicates how serious the side effects of this product may be,nor even what the side effects are. Itching is one thing, but neurological involvement is completely unacceptable.

Reminds me of the flea collar days with cats, and the toxicity of that product. I am so disappointed in my usually very careful vet's advice to use the collar! Never again. I only hope my dog recovers.

Oct 17, 2011
Not worth the risk
by: Anonymous

My vet recommended the Scalibor collar for both of my dogs. It has been about 30 hours after putting on the collars at the time of this post. My 14lb cockapoo didn't have any trouble at all, but after witnessing what my 17lb lhasa is going though, I took both collars off my dogs. After almost exactly 24 hours of the collar, my lhasa started twitching - little jumps in his front legs and small jerks in his chest. At first I thought it was him reacting to some angry fleas trying to get their last action in before dying...but within an hour realized it was much more serious. I took off the collar after reading some pretty severe reviews online and hoped that the twitching would subside. It has now been 5 more hours of almost constant twitching - now moved to his hind legs and belly. He can't sleep and is extremely restless. I've tried two baths using mild soap all over his body and legs - no relief. The only thing that seems to help in 15 minute increments is firmly petting him from head to hind...it helps relax him, but as soon as I stop the twitching comes back almost stronger than before. So now we're both up in the middle of the night - neither one of us getting any rest. I'll be dropping him off at the vet in the morning expecting a full workup at no charge. I'm also going to request that they board him in one of the spoiled brat dog suites so that he can be observed while I'm at work. I'm extremely disappointed with this product. I can handle the occasional side effects that include excessive thirst/urination, slight itching, and even mild vomiting because I understand that reactions can widely vary by dog, but neurological effects are NOT ok and should be fully disclosed (not just in the fine print, but also by our vets).

Oct 05, 2011
doesn't work
by: Anonymous

i bought 2 scalibor at 50.00 each hoping it would work and i could save on advantix// don't waste the time to buy them they don't work // now the house and the dogs and the cats are infested// i am trying to find out how long i have to wait untill i can put advantix back on the dogs

Sep 15, 2011
What's with all the stars?
by: Anonymous

I can't understand why the terrible reviews have 4 or 5 star ratings? Weird system. My dog did GREAT with Scalibor but is now itching again after 3 months instead of the advertised 6 months. May get another. I found it as effective as the drops.
But- Fix the stars!

Aug 02, 2011
by: another person scamed by the SCALIBOR

i just recently put the scalibor on my manchester terrier and only had it on for an hour he developed a severe rash, itchy ears, and shaking his head for 24 hours now, i gave him a bath at 1 am this morning figuring it was from the collar,but it still is bothering him, so i say just use the frontline and do tick checks everytime he comes in from going out

Jul 27, 2011
Scalibor Collars
by: Faye

I have two rescue dogs - 90 and 60 lbs. I live in tick infested TN on 10 acres on a lake - the Scalibor collars have been a god send - the only problem I have now is that the ticks don't attach to my dogs, but my dogs are now carriers - they bring them in the house. I have had no problems with redness, sores or itching.

Jul 17, 2011
wish I could give zero stars
by: mary

We live in Maine and typically get a break from fleas and ticks during the coldest months; however, we continued to see the occasional flea on our animals throughout last winter. Because of this we spent a lot of time and money back in March cleaning our entire house and treating with Siphotrol spray as a preventive measure to avoid a flea infestation this summer...then made the unfortunate mistake of trying the new Scalibor Protector Band on our dog last month (June.) The vet assured us that the collar works on both ticks and fleas, but we are now suddenly INFESTED with fleas. Our dog and cats are miserable (as am I) and we have to do the whole, enormous cleaning/spraying project all over again. The Siphotrol costs $15-20 per can & I've written to the company to ask if they will offer some kind of compensation to mitigate the costs of de-infesting our 11-room house. I'm not holding my breath but figured it was worth a try. DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT, YOU WILL REGRET IT!

Jun 08, 2011
Scalibor Scam
by: C. Marshall

Don't waste your money! This is the biggest scam to come down the Pike in a long, long time. I foolishly bought 4 of these collars and my dogs still had fleas crawling everywhere. Terribly disappointed. Anyone, Vet or otherwise who says they work as promised is just wanting to take your money!

Jun 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Bought these collars after the vet's office recommended them. My Frenchie had severe itching and redness around his face within 3 hours, removed his upon noticing, redness and itching went away. Have a Chihuahua/Jack Russell that wore her collar 3 days, then started having jerking/twitching indicative of some neurologic involvement, severe itching around the collar site, and noticed what little hair she has gone from the front of her neck and a huge ulcerated looking place that she scratched until she cried and choked. Most of the neurologic symptoms have disappeared within 24 hours, but the itching is still severe and the lesion is still there. She also continues to cry for an unknown reason. My teacup Chihuahua, my long-haired Chihuahua (hair currently cut short), and other long-haired larger dog seem to be tolerating theirs ok, though they still scratch like they may have fleas. Probably won't be bothered with buying them again for any of my dogs.

Jun 04, 2011
Scalibor not recommended
by: Anonymous

I purchased a scalibor collar for our 5 pound dog after our vet highly recommended it. We noticed a decrease in ticks, but after 3 days our dog lost hair on the bottom of his neck and a sore was starting to develop. He also started scratching around his neck and shaking his head. He'd lay down only to pop right back up like he couldn't get comfortable or was having a neurological problem. Removed collar and symptoms went away after 48 hrs. Won't put back on my dog after reading these reviews. Waste of $30 dollars.

Jun 03, 2011
Scalibor collar reaction
by: Anonymous

Purchased collar from Vet for our new 1 yr. old Peke. Noticed a small patch of missing hair with red blotches. Thought it may have been something she incurred from previous owners. When second patch of missing hair and sore developed, I immediately removed the collar. She had worn it maybe 2 weeks. Reported the reaction to the Vet. Not a fan of the Scalibor and would surely NOT recommend it.

May 28, 2011
Scalibor Collar Reaction
by: Donna

I purchased this collar for our little rescue dog. Within 48hrs she was digging at her throat so hard she was choking. We thought maybe it was just because she didn't like having a collar on. A couple of days later I noticed her throat area was missing hair and had some reddish blotches on it. I took the collar off and in a couple of days the scratching subsided. I waited 4 more days to see how she reacted and there was little to no scratching. I placed the collar back on and within 48hrs again she started digging at her throat area and then choughing so hard she was choking. Apparently this new system is not going to work with our dog. I also noticed the second time I had it on her she seemed to have the shakes as well. Not a fan of Scalibor.

May 25, 2011
Scalibor only for Ticks, anyway; bad reaction to it!
by: Anonymous

The collar (Scalibor) is only for Ticks, not fleas. YOu WILL have flea infestations with these collars.

I have a 22 lb cockapoo who has worn his for about a week, only to break out with a severe redness on his throat and some sores. Had to take the collar off, he's scratching as of yesterday, didn't find the rash until today, tho. And yes it was on loose enough.

Mar 03, 2011
Use with K9 Advantix
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if you can use Scalibor Tick Collar along with K9 Advantix? I live in a tick paradise so need as much protections for my Bernese Mt. Dogs as possible.

Jan 02, 2011
by: john.judy@hotmail.co.uk

I purchased 3 Scalibor collars each costing 18.50euros each only to find 3 weeks later all of my dogs still have fleas on them, i am still having to comb each day, i am very disapointed & wouldn't buy again.

Nov 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

Directions: ...."you can only "fight" two fingers".....
It is better if you get the wording right.

Nov 17, 2010
by: brenda

We bought two of these collars for our Lhasas. Our vet raved about this collar being the latest and greatest. Weeks later we are still picking over 50 ticks a day off each dog. Some of the ticks were attached to the dog UNDER the Scalibor collar. We spend an hour each night with a pair of hemastats plucking these nasty things of all sizes off the dogs. We have sprayed the backyard weekly and the house using a spray containing permathrin.

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