Review: Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl

Reviewer: Dr. Chris
Product Reviewed: Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl

Animals in the wild spend a large part of the day simply foraging and hunting for their meals. Dogs especially are great at sniffing out and finding food.

Unfortunately dogs today don't have the opportunity to exercise this basic skill which can lead to many behavior problems.

The Aikiou Interactive Dog Food Bowl was developed to help dogs express this NATURAL food hunting and searching skill.

You simply hide food in the bowl's many compartments and you allow your dog to find them.

This item is VERY EXCITING for your dog and for you.

We all know that dogs have a BASIC NEED need to play and to even think.

Dog behaviorist and veterinarian Joel Dehasse, claims that dogs are genetically programmed to have a specific job and that inactivity or boredom can lead to behavior issues and even psychosomatic disorders.

He claims that dogs need at least 6 hours of activity each day, but this varies between dog breeds from 3-10 hours.

Dogs love to participate in many different types of activities like searching for food, hunting, social interaction, barking, movement, chewing, and playing.

Dogs that don't meet these basic needs can develop severe behavior problems.

IMAGINE if your dog could spend a half-hour EACH day searching for food and eating, versus the measly 5 minutes it takes right now to wolf down his food.

Think how much more INTERESTING his life would be if he actually had to figure out how to get his food and work for it.

This would keep your dog occupied and actually make them happier.

This Aikiou interactive dog bowl can make your dog's mealtime into a fun and interactive session.

How it Works

Simply hide food rewards inside the compartments and encourage your pet to find them!

This is the ideal tool to meet your dog's basic needs to search for food and to have mental stimulation that are necessary for his overall health.

This is more than a dog feeder, it's a dog care product.

Watch the Video

Currently the price is a low $24.99, and it comes in two colors Blue and Pink.

Please order yours today while they're still in stock.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER: Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl.

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