Timberwolf Dog Food

Timberwolf Dog Food is an organic product that is made with all natural products like salmon, elk, or bison. This is not one of the more popular brands on the market, but it does have a very strong following of loyal customers.

This brand of pet food is normally not found in stores, unless you specifically seek out specialty stores. The company is based out of Orlando Florida, and due to limited distribution you might have to buy its products over the Internet.

Timberwolf Benefits

There are many benefits to feeding a natural product like this to your dog. Here are just some of them that are specifically mentioned on their website:

>They have been selected as one of the top dry dog foods in Whole Dog Journal for seven years in a row.

>They have carnivore specific diets.

>Their products use high quality proteins.

>Products are low in carbohydrates.

>They use a specialty blend of herbs for their products.

>They don't use BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin or dyes.

>They incorporate high quality omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids into all their diets.

All Natural and Fresh

One of the biggest selling points for this dog food is that it is all natural, organic, with no sugars added. This is great for people who want a more natural product to feed their dogs.

These diets are naturally preserved with vitamin E and rosemary extracts, no artificial preservatives are used at all.

In order to maintain freshness, they use a high-grade oxygen barrier when packaging their products, this prevents the product from oxidization and rancidity which can ruin the product.


Below are all the varieties of Timberwolf Organic Dog Food that are available. All of these varieties are formulated for all life stages and all breeds in all sizes.

Black Forest: Hypoallergenic, low protein (below 26%), and weight management
Dakota Bison: Hypoallergenic, midrange protein, weight management
Lamb Barley and Apples: hypoallergenic, high protein 28% and up
Ocean Blue: hypoallergenic, midrange protein
Southwest Chicken: low-protein below 26%
Wild and Natural: high-protein 28% and up
Wilderness Elk: hypoallergenic, midrange protein, weight management

Grain Free

They have three grain free diets, Ocean Blue, Wild and Natural, and Serengeti Felid

World Class heritage diets

World Class Heritage Diets are the canned diets that Timberwolf Dog Food offers.

Fish and Wild Rice
Venison and Trout
Lamb and Chicken Liver
Pheasant and Herbs

How to Feed

Timberwolf Organics Dog Food recommends that you rotate each of their formulas every few months. This way your dog gets the maximum benefit from each of the different proteins sources and other ingredients.

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