Top 5 Internal Parasites of Dogs and Cats

The most common internal parasites of dogs and cats are the same.
Fact #1
14% of People in the
U.S. are infected
with roundworms contracted
from dogs and cats!

1. Tapeworms (Dogs 2.5%, Cats 5.4%)

2. Roundworms (Dogs 2.1%, Cats 1.7%)

3. Coccidia (Dogs 1.9%, Cats 0.7%)

4. Hookworms (Dogs 0.9%, Cats 0.3%)

5. Giardia (Dogs 0.6%, Cats 0.2%)

6. Whipworms (Dogs 0.5%, Cats 0.03%)

**Source: DataSavant, based on 1,960,000 pets**

So if parasites are so easy to prevent why do so many pets still have them?

1. Fecal exams are not done or treatment is not followed up on.

(make sure you bring a fecal sample to your next vet visit, if your vet does not give you the result, ask, don't just assume it is negative if you do not hear back from them.)

2. Know where your pet is going.

It may not seem like your pet is at risk, but if you remember that they may go to the dog park, play in ponds and puddles, and eat other animal's poop, they are at risk.

Fact #2
Pyrantel pamoate is great
for nursing pups. Its safe
and effective against hookworms
and roundworms.

3. Cat Health is often ignored.

Indoor cats can be exposed to mosquitoes which carry heartworm disease and if fleas get in the house, your cat could become infected with tapeworms.

Common Parasite Treatments

1. For Tapeworms: Drontal-Plus, Panacur, and Droncit. Pets normally get tapeworms from fleas: How To Get Rid of Fleas.

2. For Roundworms: Almost all dewormers work against roundworms.

3. For Coccidia: Trimethoprim-sulfa, Amprolium, and Sulfadimethoxine.

4. Hookworms: Drontal-Plus, Panacur, Heartgard Plus, Interceptor, pyrantel pamoate.

Fact #3
Internal parasites can
can mimic virtually any
of the more complex diseases
of the intestines.

5. Giardia: Flagyl, Panacur, and Furazolidine.

6. Whipworms: Drontal-Plus, Panacur, and Interceptor.

Natural Remedies For Parasites

If you are worried about side effects from traditional treatments, there are some homeopathic remedies that people have used.

Herbs like Wormwood, Cloves, Neem, and Herb of Grace like those found in products like Parasite Dr. capsules might be helpful.

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