5 Tips For Fat Cats

Many people love our cats a bit too much...

Obesity in America's pet is a growing problem.
Fact #1

It is estimated that
well over 25% of all
cats are overweight
or obese

Why do cats get fat?

This happens, the same way it happens to us...too much snacking and not enough exercise.

Just like in us, being overweight puts cats at greater risk of disease, especially chronic disease.

(Think diabetes, liver and kidney problems, and arthritis)

Luckily we can control what our cats eat...sadly often much better than how we control what we stuff into our faces sometimes!

Give some of the tips a try:

1. ALWAYS talk to your vet before making any sudden changes in your cat's diet, because losing weight too quickly can be harmful to their livers (called fatty liver disease)

2. Cut out treats or minimize them. Either cut the amount in half or give them only every other day.

3. Feed a reduced calorie diet. I feed my cats Healthy Weight Management by Purina. I'm not endorsing this product, but it helps to keep my cats slim.

4. Weight your cat on a baby scale regularly (human bathroom scales are not accurate at lower weights). Then reduce how much you feed by 5 to 10%, and then just keep a chart tracking how much you feed and your cat's weight.

5. Play with your cat at least 15 minutes twice a day. Any increase in activity will be great. You can make cat toys out of anything or buy some new things.

I saw this great video on Youtube about a cat toy called the Mouse in the House.

If you want any easy way to exercise your cat in a more enjoyable way, watch the videos below.

The Mouse in the House is great because it stimulates the cat's natural tendency to pounce, hunt, and stalk prey.

Take a minute to watch the short videos of the Mouse in the House in action, its hilarious.

To watch, just click on the video below If you want to learn more about where to find this go here: Mouse in the House

To see other toys to keep your cat active: CAT TOYS.

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