Underground Pet Fence

If you are thinking about buying an underground pet fence for your yard here are just some of the advantages that they have over regular fences.

1. Inexpensive

These fences are much cheaper to install and purchase than a regular wood or chain link fence. Most of these traditional yard fences cost several dollars per feet, where as you can often have your whole yard fenced in with a Pet Safe fence for less than $200.

2. Easy to Install

Installation is very easy as well. Instead of having to deal with post hole diggers, you just dig a very shallow trench, which you can easily do with any garden equipment and lay the fence wire in it. Then just took up both ends of the wire to your transmitter.

3. Hard to Escape From

Unlike other fences, dogs cannot escape from this. With old types of fences they would have to jump over or climb over them. Also many dogs would resort to digging under them as well which ruins the yard.

4. Does Not Block Your View

One of the best things about an underground pet fence is that it does not block your view of your neighborhood. It's also more aesthetically pleasing and it's a dog fence that will not upset home owner associations.

5. Easily Expandable

Another thing with these fences is that if you want to expand them it's very easy to do. All you have to do is just add additional wire.

6. Multiple Pets

Also, with an underground pet fence you can use it with multiple pets just by purchasing another receiver collar.

7. No Upkeep

Another great advantage of an underground pet fence is that there is no upkeep. No more having to repaint the fence or fix holes in the fence. There is also no concern about having to mow around the fence either because it is all buried.

As you can see there are several advantages to using an underground pet fence to help control your pet. One of the best types of underground pet fence is the Pet Safe Fence.

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