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Veterinarian Question Archive

November/December questions kitten heartworm, dog heat, poodle warts, canine leptospirosis, dog incontinence

October questions Feline constipation, Zymox, Dog eating feces, Sick rat, Feline pregnancy signs

August 28-September 3 questions pregnant guinea pig, budgie claw, Siamese cat asthma, German Shepard excessive shedding, dog home remedies.

August 21-27 questions Dalmatian incontinence, Dog chewing bandages, Mouse babies, Cat with brown bugs, Dog with hacking cough

August 14-20 question Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy Parvo, 15 yr old cat not eating or drinking, dog rectal area swollen and bleeding, 9yr old cat with UTI, two cats with seizures: flea shampoo.

August 7-13 questions Yorkie coughing, canine rodent poisoning, parvovirus puppy, puppy hiccups, kitten catnip.

July 31-August 6 questions Cat giving birth, Boston Terrier hemorrhoids, Mouse head tilt, Dog tapeworms, Cat hair loss and flea medication

July 24-30 questions Labrador with ear infection, Horse with mastitis, Retained deciduous teeth in a dachshund, Dog licked antifreeze, Cat sneezing with eye discharge.

July 17-23 questions
Moving with a cat, Feral cat, Jack Russell Terrier dental, Kitten with sores, Dog doesn't like walks

July 10-16 questions
Snake bite in a dog, Spaying dog in heat, Cat arthritis, Dog tapeworms, Sick baby mouse

July 3-9
West Nile Virus, Ringworm in Pitbulls, Cat claw, 12 yr old yellow lab seizures, Gerbil breeding.

June 26-July 2
Hot spots on dog, 7yr old beagle with pyometra, Vomiting Dog, Dachshund wobbling, Dog with bloody nose.

June 19-25 pet questions
Kitten sneezing, Constipated cat, Basenji with bloody stools, Lab with cracked foot pads, Adult dog tooth removal

June 12-18 pet questions
Virbac yard spray, Dog with congestive heart failure, Female cat bleeding after spay surgery, Dog with rabies, Dog painful after surgery

June 5-11 pet questions
Vaccine Reaction, Min Pin coughing, Norwegian Elkhound with skin rash, Chocolate lab with broken tail, 19 year old cat behavior problem

June 1-4 pet questions
Dog licking armpits, Degu question, Cat with bleeding gums, Puppy vomiting, Cat hairballs

April 14-28 pet questions

March 14-28 pet questions

March 1-13 pet questions

February 14-28 pet questions

I think my pet has fleas?

Does my dog really need vitamins?

Cat fight wounds

My pet has diarrhea?

My pet is limping?

My pet is shedding too much!

Hairballs in Cats

My dog is itching.

My dog is vomiting?

Dog ear swelling questions.

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