Treat your pet at Home

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Have the answers you need to treat your pet in the next 5 minutes at home and save hundreds of dollars! All for half the price of a visit to your veterinarian.

Dr. Andrew Jones of Nelson Animal Hospital has written a great book called

that includes all these cures below and more.

Now you can solve your dog or cat’s health problems at home.

There are 1000’s of safe, natural, and effective cures to heal your pet at home, and you can save time and money by avoiding the veterinarian.

For example:

For dogs:

Vomiting: learn how a cup of tea, or a homeopathic remedy can relieve your dog now.

Arthritis: How a medicine in your drug cabinet can ease your dog’s pain soon, and techniques for a dog massage.

Diarrhea: See how several herbs can help your pet immediately.

Back problems: Learn techniques for a dog massage, and how magnetic therapy could help.

For cats:

Diarrhea: Read how a vegeatable that is in your cabinet, that your cat will love to eat will help.

Kidney failure: Learn to cook homemade recipes for low protein diets.

Vomiting: Learn several different ways to treat vomiting in your cat now.

These are just a few of the 1000’s of conditions you can treat yourself at home.

It covers the most common medical and behavioral problems in dogs and cats.

All of these are safe and effective pet home remedies.

“Veterinary secrets revealed allowed me to save $350 by treating my cat’s abscess at home. This ebook is the best bargain on the internet.” Shannon Crawford, Smithers BC

If you use it to help your pet just once, this book will pay for itself.

Dr. Jones sells this ebook for $39, and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Check it out at

P.S. For people who buy Dr. Jones' book, he includes the phone number of his clinic where you can call and ask questions.

P.S.S. He'll even answer questions you might have about the book by email as well.