Pet Vitamins

Does my pet need a cat or dog vitamin?

Vitamins for your Pets

Cat and dogs require pet vitamin supplements just like their owners. Pet vitamins and minerals are essential to a healthy immune system. Many things determine if your pet needs extra nutrition. Age, size, breed, and lifestyle play an important role.

Pets need vitamins just like us, BUT if the bag label says “complete and balanced” your pet is probably okay. There are exceptions to the rule. If your pet is deficient in vitamins or trace minerals its body’s immune system cannot function optimally. Also animals lacking essential vitamins have been found to be more likely to develop disease and have shorter life spans.

Brief overview of vitamins

• B vitamins: promote healthy muscles, skin, and blood.

• Vitamin E: Essential antioxidant, promotes healthy circulation in heart and arteries. Senior cats can benefit from extra Vitamin E.

• Minerals are needed for strong bones and teeth, healthy hair coat, and digestion and growth and repair of tissues. Minerals include things like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Some pets DO require a cat or dog vitamin.

• Working animals under stress, service dogs, or guard dogs could need extra supplementation.

• If you give your animal home cooked meals, it might be good idea to offer a vitamin.

• Puppies and kittens might require higher amounts of vitamins than mature animals.

• Older animals may also need vitamins, especially A, B, and possibly C and E as their metabolism changes and slows.

What are signs to look for if your pet may need extra vitamins?

Signs of vitamin deficiency include poor skin and hair coat. Your pet may have coarse, brittle hair, or it may appear dry and dull. Your pet’s hair should have a certain degree of oiliness to it. If your pet’s eyes appear dull or dry that may also be a sign of a vitamin deficiency.

Poor skin and hair coatVitamin A and/ or B
Anemic and tiredMaybe Vitamin B
Cancers and Heart ProblemsVitamin E
Weak bones and poor teethVitamin D

A lot of studies show that the anti-oxidants, such as vitamin A, B, C and E, can slow down the aging process in people and in animals, too possibly.

I would not recommend spending a lot of money on extra vitamins for your pet unless it is under stress or sick.

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